J.F.A. accept English soccer visit idea

Date Published: 
Jamaica Gleaner

THE COUNCIL of the Jamaica Football Association have agreed in principle to the proposed tour of an English soccer team to the island during the tercentenary celebrations of British rule in Jamaica next year.

Decision was taken by a meeting of the Council last night at Sabina Park to make every effort to have the team in Jamaica during the celebrations.

The Hon. Donald Sangster, Minister of Finance, while in England recently had discussed with the English F. A. the possibility of a team visiting the island.

On Friday last, Mr. Songster received a cable from the secretary of the West Indies Committee, informing him that a team would visit the British West Indies, including Jamaica, during May-June next year.

In view of the fact that Trinidad and Jamaica will be called upon to finance the tour the Council meeting last night decided to write Mr. Eric James, secretary of the Trinidad Football Association, to ascertain from him the likely cost of the tour.

As soon as the JFA Council are in receipt of such information they will go ahead and prepare plans for the tour which will be presented to Government.

Trinidad, having invited the English FA to visit the colony last year it is understood any visit to the West by the English team, Trinidad will be the first to receive the visitors.

Mr. James said last week that Trinidad would go ahead with preparation of the tour whether or not any of the other colonies wished to join in the scheme.

"It's up to Jamaica, and other individual colonies if they want to come in", Mr. James said.