JFA Council accept TFA invitation tentatively

Date Published: 
Jamaica Gleaner

THE JFA Council have tentatively accepted an invitation from the Trinidad Football Association (TFA) to receive a touring UK soccer team in Jamaica sometime in May-June. They have also informed the TFA of the conditions under which they could accept the invitation.

A suggestion was made by the TFA that the touring team play three Colony games and a Test in Jamaica but the JFA Council have suggested three Tests and a Colony match instead.

The local body feld that the standard of our football at the moment is not very high to play three Colony games would be a great financial risk.

In the Test matches West Indies teams will be selected and these will include Lindy Delapenha and Franz Alexander both of whom will be invited from England to represent Jamaica in the Colony match if agreement is reached between the JFA and the TFA.

It is estimated that such a tour in Jamaica would cost the JFA in the vicinity of £2,600 including around £500 to bring out Delapenha and Alexander.

The English FA has asked that the team play eight matches during their stay of four weeks in the West Indies. Twenty two members will comprise the touring party, which will include a number of professionals. They will leave England on May 8 and make Trinidad their first call.

It will be recalled that when first Trinidad extended the invitation to Jamaica, the JFA Council decided they were not in a position to accept.