Football around the world

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The Independent


A team from Trinidad called Joe Public want to join the United States' Major League Soccer.

Not even the anticipated cost of launching a franchise, $20m (pounds 12.5m) has put them off. That is the amount spent by Chicago Fire, who, along with Miami Fusion, are joining MLS this year. "We are testing the waters," Joe Public's manager, Richard Abraham, said. "The MLS are saying that they are catering for American teams only, but we have heard that a Canadian team have applied for a franchise. If that is so, then the MLS have no alternative but to consider our application also." They have a long way to go, though. Last year they finished runners-up in their first season in Trinidad's semi-professional league, earning promotion to the Caribbean Football Union's Caribbean League. They will need more than just playing prowess to progress any further, though.