Laventille KO Opens

Date Published: 

THE KNOCK-OUT DRAW for the Laventille seven-a-side competition took place on Monday.

The knock-out competition ensures that youths of Success Village, Laventille will have a football feast until Christmas. The League competition is nearing a successful end. Besides drawing the participation of some 150 players, it has provided hundreds of Laventillians with daily sport entertainment.

As it draws to a close, three teams are battling for victory. Best placed are "Furness" and "36 Blues" each of whom have given away five points. Next is "Smee International", down six points but with an outside chance of snatching victory if the trend of upsets continue.

Early in the season it had appeared that the stylish "36 Blues" would make light work of the opposition. But they faltered and while they are yet to lose a match, they have drawn five times against teams, less skilled than they are, but who obviously were determined to give the big boys a fight.

"Furness," after losing in the early stages of the competition hit a winning streak and now are determined that they will have first lien on the League trophy. If they can keep their side together, with the minimum of acrimony, they well might.

At the conclusion of the League, there are plans for a gala prize-giving ceremony at which both players and people in the area will participate.

But, undoubtedly, the most deserving of prizes are the young brothers who have not only initiated the competition but have kept it going inspite of their financial limitations.

It is hoped that firms in the area, conscious of the contribution the League is making to community life will give their assistance when it is required from time to time.