Red Soccermen To Play Green Eleven Today

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Cornell Daily Sun

Strong Varsity To Initiate Dartmouth Week-End This Afternoon
Dispatch States Injuries Deprive Visitors Of Star Forwards

One of the finest Cornell soccer combinations of recent years will launch the Dartmouth week-end festivities when it opposes the Green booters in what promises to be a stiff battle on Lower Alumni at 2:30 o'clock this afternoon.

The Varsity is in the pink of condition with the prospect of starting without a single regular missing from the lineup. Olditch, who is second to none when it comes to scoring in eastern intercollegiate circles, has fully recovered from the thigh injury which kept him on the sidelines Saturday, while his teammates steam-rollered over Bucknell. From his pivot post at center he will probably lead the Red attacks.

Swift Forwards

On his left, Williams can be counted upon to stage his usual scrappy game. If this speedy forward can strike the same scoring streak that he did in the Bucknell fracas, he will be poison in the visitors' cup. Larco-Dogny will again start at outside left. The tricky Carvalho will contribute his bit to Cornell from his customary position at inside right. Thompson, the canny Scotch lad, will flank him at outside right.

Backfield Impregnable

The powerful backfield fence, which has proved to be the mainstay of the team in times of stress as well as during tallying sprees, remains intact. Indian soccermen will need something more than mere punch in order to get by Kappler, Winslow, or Donovan. The husky, strong-kicking pair, Oest and Bennet, will form the last line of defense at fullback. Captain McCullough will guard the net.

No practice was held yesterday, but the entire squad reported to listen to one of Coach Bawif's inimitable pre-game talks. The coach was in one of his rarest veins as he analyzed and corrected the performances of each individual player, and reviewed the team's offensive and defensive strategies.

(Special to Cornell Daily Sun).

Hanover, N.H., Nov. 12—With prospects of a victory over Cornell none too bright, the Dartmouth soccer team worked out until late yesterday afternoon, crippled by the loss of Capt. Tom Eagan and Andy Stollmeyer, star center forward. This duo of Indian forwards is the combination in which most of the Green team's scoring power lies, and with their absence from the line-up, the offensive play of the booters has been slowed up considerably. The possibility that they will see action Friday is very slight.

Johnny Sheldon, a regular from the 1932 eleven, who has been kept out of action for two years with a knee injury, reported for practice early this week and is being groomed for Stollmeyer's post at center forward. Sheldon, who was a regular on last year's tennis team is a fast, aggressive forward, and will probably start against the Red soccermen.

McNichol In

McNichol, another junior, who relieved Eagan when the Dartmouth captain was injured in the Springfield encounter Saturday, will again be at inside right in Friday's contest. On the basis of his work in the Springfield game and in this week's practices. Hitchcock will get the call over King at outside right.

Coach Dent has devoted considerable time this week to the backfield, particularly in relation to its part in offensive play. Robinson, who has been out for several weeks with a strained stomach muscle, reported back for practice Monday, but his injury has not recovered sufficiently to stand any intensive scrimmaging. In his absence, Ernie Moore has been assigned left half, and Seixas and Len Allen remain as fullbacks, with Art Allen held in reserve.

Lineup Listed

The starting lineup against Cornell will probably be: Biesel, g; Flaccus, rf; Henry, lf; Seixas, rh; L. Allen, ch; Moore, lh; Hitchcock, or; McNichol, ir: Shelden, cf; Richardson, il; Jeffery, ol.

Season's Results

Dartmouth 2, Northeastern 2.
Dartmouth 9, Rutgers 1.
Dartmouth 5, Rutgers 1.
Dartmouth 5, M.I.T. [illegible] (approximately)
Harvard 3, Dartmouth 1.
Yale 2, Dartmouth 1.
Springfield 5, Dartmouth 0.