S.A.F.L. 1929 Season

Date Published: 
Trinidad Guardian


"ON the whole the season was quite a good one, although the number of teams in the League was small and the attendance at matches rather poor."

In these words the Honorary Secretary of the Southern Amateur Football League sums up the 1929 season.

A Regret.

He reported that it was very much regretted by all that Leaseholds United failed to raise a team at the beginning of the season, and only four XI's were registered, resulting in fewer games being played than in 1928 season. However, the usual keenness prevailed and a few of the matches were outstanding.

New Cups.

Two new Cups were presented for competition to the League, one by Stephens Ltd., call the Stephens Charity Cup" and the other, by Mr. Frank Seamans, Vice-President of the Asphalt Company, called the "Brighton Cup," both very handsome trophies.

Winning Teams.

The season opened with the Stephens Charity Cup Competition which was won by Brighton, who defeated Usine in the final.

Brighton also won the League Championship for the fourth successive season, but unfortunately lost to Casuals in the Sperling Cup match in Port-of-Spain. Forest were the runners-up in the League Competition and were still in a position to win even until the last game was played, the result of which, however, placed Brighton on top with four points to the good.

The Duckham Cup was won by Forest who defeated Brighton, the holders of the trophy, in the final by two goals to nil.

The Brighton Cup went to Brighton, who won from Forest in the final.

Casuals and Forest took part in the F. A. Trophy but neither was successful, although Forest reached the semi-final.

Strong Representative Team.

Our representative teams did very well by winning both the McKinney-Leotaud Charity Cup and Skinner Cup matches against the North, the latter being the finest game of the season and the result, a much desired one by the South.

Win Against Demerara.

The Demerara team was entertained during October and a game played at Usine resulted in a win for the home team. It is worthy of mention that three Southern League players took part in the Intercolonial matches with the Demerara team in Port-of-Spain.

The League Handbook was brought up to date, printed and copied distributed to all interested parties.

On the whole, the season was quite a successful one, although the number of teams in the League was small and the attendance at matches rather poor.


I take this opportunity on behalf of the Council to thank the members of the Referees Committee for the arranging of Referees, also all others who showed interest in and gave their support to the League during the season.

Net Income.

The Treasurer of the League submitted accounts for the year and his report that the net income for the year amounted to $176, as compared with net expenditure of $291 for 1928, and net income of $2,018 for 1927, the latter including extraordinary receipts $1,507 from the opening day at Brighton.

Gross Income.

Owing to fewer number of teams gross income dropped from $2,564 in 1927 as above, $1,034 in 1928 to $716 for 1929.

Gate Receipts Fall Off.

Ordinary gate receipts at $218 showed a decided falling of, viz., in 1927 $570, in 1928 $489 and in 1929 $218.

Demerara Match.

Net receipts from the Demerara match amounted to $50, which compares with $35 in 1927.

Skinner Cup Match.

Gate receipts from the Skinner Cup netted $187, showing that interest is well maintained in representative matches.

Charity Matches.

Takings at Charity matches totalled $81.

Players' Registration.

Players' Registration Fees, $88, point out that 88 players took part in the matches this season, against 107 players during previous season.

Gross Expenditure.

Gross expenditure was reduced this season to $540, compared with $1,326 for 1928, which included improvements to stand, etc.

Miscellaneous expenses increased from $37 to $125, due to extraordinary travelling expenses, etc.


Assets exceeded liabilities at December 31, 1928, by $444 to which is to be added net income for 1929 $167, making net assets as at December 31, 1929, at $620. League stand and furniture appear in the accounts at [illegible] figure of $2. Cash balance at December 31, 1929, was $712.