Tame Soccer Match Ends in Draw

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Trinidad Guardian

South Underrated the Students

Q.R.C. 2—Forest Reserve 2

QUEEN'S ROYAL COLLEGE held Forest Reserve to a draw in a rather tame game in the first round of the Wincarnis Cup Competition yesterday.

The Students shewed excellent defence and their combined play was brilliant at times, but the Southern team was responsible for the rather tame exhibition of football by indecision and lack of dash in attack in the earlier portion of the game. Some brilliant individual play was witnessed during the second half.


Leaseholds and Queen's Royal College met on the T.A.F.A. ground on the Queen's Park Savannah on Saturday.

That the Southern team did not altogether overwhelm the College, is due in a large measure to the fine defence put up by Mr. J. Wilkinson, the new Master at the College. Behind him were a pair of excellent backs who consistently had the advantage over the opposing forward line. This triangle: Wilkinson, Wooding and Knowles, although unable to prevent Leaseholds from scoring, held them down to two goals and saved the match.

Details of Play.

The game opened mildly. It was the general opinion in the Stand that the Oilfields team would have an easy passage to the semi-final round, and this opinion seemed to be held by the players from the South whose efforts lacked finish.

Crowd Listless.

There was none of the enthusiasm shown among the spectators that the Casuals and Maple game aroused; and when after twenty minutes of play, Pierre, the school goalkeeper, received a bouncing shot from the right wing and let it slip past him, there was very little applause.

Pierre, who otherwise played a good game, was at fault in allowing this point through poor judgment.

Played Like a Professional.

Jim Hadden, who played like a profession at the centre half, for Forest Reserve, fed his forwards assiduously and from one of his straight through passes Dick McLean shot just outside the post.

Edwards at inside right was feeding his winger, T. Hadden, excellently and from a centre from the right wing a score looked certain. But Knowles slipped in in the nick of time and got the ball away.

Q.R.C. Equalises.

Meanwhile, at the other end, Williams got a through pass, raced down and equalised with a fine shot which just beat Hay.

Half time came with the score even at 1—1, and up to them the game had been exciting.

The Resumption.

After the interval, however, the South team came back with renewed energy, and pressed continually. It was only sterling work on the part of Knowles and Wooding that kept out the raids of McLean, Edwards and Carter. Time after time, Knowles intercepted a pass and Wilkinson at centre half kept McLean from getting in an effective shot at goal.

Fine Effort by Kerr.

Rather surprisingly Q.R.C. obtained the lead, Williams and Kerr found themselves with the ball at their feet with most of the opposing team behind them. Kerr took the sphere and ran through. Just outside the penalty area Waddell looked like robbing the Collegian, but Kerr put on an extra sprint and placed the ball just outside Hay's reach. A very neat goal.

Forest Wakes Up.

This reverse set Forest Reserve afire. Their forwards took down the ball, Hadden passed to McLean who sent a long ball out to the wing. Carter picked up the pass, turned inside the right back and, cutting across the goal, placed a fine shot in the far corner of the goal. From this point the game livened up. Free kicks were awarded against J. Hadden and Wilkinson, but the shots went wide.

Williams and Kerr ran through again but were robbed before shooting.

Extra Time Play.

The whistle found the score still 2—2 and an extra 20 minutes play was ordered. This proved the most exciting part of the match. Carter was early prominent, but a goal scored by him was not allowed, as he had apparently handled the ball in bringing it under control.

Notes on the players in the above game will appear in Tuesday's issue.



Monday, September 2.—Maple v Constabulary.
Wednesday, September 4.—Shamrock v. Q.R.C.
Saturday, September 7.—Casuals v. Shamrock.

Referees and Linesmen

Monday—Mr. C. Rooks, Referee; Messrs. H. La-- and F. Best, Linesmen.
Wednesday—Mr. G. Rochford, Referee; Messrs. L. Orsini and L. Mathieu, Linesmen.
Saturday—Sergeant Major Perkins, Referee; Dr. Francis and Mr. H. Achong, Linesmen.

Second League.

Tuesday, September 3.—Rovers v. St. Margaret's. Referee, Mr. H. Gor----.
Thursday, September 5.—Sporting Club v. Shamrock. Referee, Mr. L. Orsini.
Friday, September 6.—Constabulary v. Bolton Wanderers. Referee, Mr. H. Achong.