Southern Amateur Football League

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Trinidad Guardian


For a goodly period of this Southern League game on Saturday last Leaseholds United flattered to the extent that spectators thought Brighton had at last met their match.

Although a goal down at half time, United looked good enough for a couple up to midway in the second half when they unaccountably fell away, and Brighton's superior staying power won them the game by a wide margin.

United opened in startling fashion, Carter running clear through the defence to fire over the Brighton crossbar. Midfield exchanges found Lynch and Smillie at last away but Rich ran in and cleared, his kick reaching Hadden who crossed nicely to Carter. The inside forward's shot lacked sting and Dewhurst found no difficulty in fielding to clear. United continued to press but Goddard finally placed outside the upright. Shortly afterwards Edwards tried from long range, the stong breeze robbing the drive of speed.

Lange dribbled the ball clear from his lines and sent across to Weston, who placed forward to Carter. The latter miskicked at very close range and this was accounted a lucky escape for Brighton.

So far Brighton had been forced on the defensive but at last began to assert themselves. A clearing shot from Thom found the right wing which was temporarily checked by Lange. Cumming persisted and sent over a lovely curling centre which Maingot fisted over the crossbar. From the resulting corner, McClure headed over.

Murray stopped a threatening movement between Leese and Edwards and sent through to McClure. The latter dribbled through and drawing the United defence transferred to Smillie who quickly flicked to A. McClean, the winger beating Maingot with a well-placed drive to put Brighton one ahead.

Hadden and Edwards gave a delightful exhibition of wing play, the former twice banging the ball over and just failing to find a connecting forward. Progress on the Brighton right wing was stubbornly contested by Leese and Rich, but an eventual corner found Lynch heading in to miss narrowly, and McClure firing in a fast ground shot which Maingot dealt with in great style. Just before half time a dropping shot from Hadden was headed out by McKay. The United line followed up and an equaliser looked certain when Thom cleared in the luckiest fashion.

After the interval Edwards tricked Murray and passed to Hadden who returned the ball after drawing a man. Edwards fired a first time but Dewhurst made a fine save. United kept up the pressure and swung the ball about in a manner which several times threatened to level accounts.

Edwards beat three opponents before presenting Weston with a great chance, but a tricky bounce deceived him and Thom cleared in the nick of time. Jack and Agostini tacked well, but for a long period Edwards and Hadden dominated the situation, and Carter had the worst possible luck when hist first time just cleared the Brighton bar from Hadden's pass.

As matters turned out, United fell completely away at this stage and could do nothing right for the rest of the game. Hesitancy in clearing his lines with the ball close to his goal found Nixon in error. McClure kicked back and Maingot failed to hold the greasy ball which was met on the rebound by Lynch who found no difficulty in converting.

Two minutes later Smillie got through an unbalanced defence and steadying well, placed into the back of the net.

Within five minutes Lynch and Smillie took the ball very close up from a pass by Cumming. The movement was temporarily checked by Rich but McClure retrieved and found the net with a beautiful ground shot.

Midfield play followed to the end.

Result: Brighton 4 goals; United 0.


Leaseholds United: Maingot; Rich, Goddard.

Brighton: Dewhurst; McKay, Thom; Agostini, Jack, Murray; T. Cumming, McClure, Smillie, Lynch, A. McClean.

Mr. R. Strother-Stewart refereed.


Rovers F.C. and All Blacks "B" team contested their fixture for the Shield in the Association's series at Paradise Pasture last Saturday afternoon. Neither side was able by results to prove its superiority, but Rovers deserved and got most of the spectators shouts of appreciation. In the opening half of the game despite the early loss of their captain through injury on the field, they did most of the attacking and migh have scored but McLean in goal always outwitted them. On the other hand the chances that the All Blacks might have turned to good account were frequently, very frequently lost through [illegible] being offside.

All Blacks met with early success in the second half. Their forwards got the ball smartly through and Best beat the goalie on taking a long pass. In less than a minute after this and aided by bungling on the part of the All Black defence lines, Rovers equalised. At the final whistle the score was still 1—1.

Mr. Tommy Gittens refereed.

The following will represent Naparima College atainst Fifth Troop today at Paraside Pasture:

K. Rickbee; V. Blades, R. Eccles; Coombs, R. Roodal (Capt.), C. Hart; V. Rattan, C. Sooden, K. Seedansingh, V. Brown, A. de Freitas. Reserve: Harewood.