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Trinidad Guardian

Siparia Football Competition

The Siparia Football Association which came into existence only this season is now making arrangements to start a League Competition for a shield subscribed for by lovers of sport in that part of the Colony. Four clubs have already entered and this evening a special meeting will be held at Mr. Hugh Doughlin's to make the fixtures. The teams entered to compete are Hotspurs (Brighton); Forest (Leaseholds); Apex (Apex Oilfields) and Myrtle (Siparia). The competition starts on Monday afternoon next week. Football has been a stong attraction in Siparia at Irwin Park where a few matched have been played this season.


Holborn and Hotspurs played an exciting match at Paradise Pasture on Tuesday in the competition for the Ibbett Cup, when the former won by one goal to nil. Victory was only secured by Gittens scoring from a penalty awarded Holborn. Previous to that there had been a series of cleverly repulsed attacks on the Hotspurs' nets. Holborn's forwards combined well and got past the back frequently, but were always beaten by the goalie.

Mr. A. Parker refereed and Messrs. D. Brathwaite and M. Grainger ran the lines.

To-day Victoria will meet Eastern.

Victoria will play: Best; C. Salomon, S. de Barry; N. Liddelow, J. Samuel, T. Samuel; C. Huggins, F. de Barry, E. de Barry, T. Liddelow, C. Piontkowskie.

Eastern will play: E. Marache; L. Precope, Layne; C. Brown, A. Regis, M. Granger, G. Barrow, L. Jaggernauth, J. George, W. Barrow and L. Ali.

Col. A. J. Clark will referee and Messrs. L. Christian and I. Roach will run the lines.

Players are asked to note that the above match starts precisely at 4.45 p.m.