Casuals Defeats St. Mary's

Date Published: 
Trinidad Guardian


Playing a return match in the fixtures of the First League Competition for the shield, St. Mary's College lost to Casuals by three goals to one. In the first match the College lost by four goals to out and yesterday with a team much stronger but with a less safe custodian were still unable to get the better of the Casuals combination.

Winning the toss the College elected to defend the eastern goal and Casuals kicked off. The College defence was by no means a weak one. St. Mary's forward line made the first serious attempt to score when Henderson centred just before the goal. Achong brothers rushed to head in but Rochford was there in time and fisted out. The wind was against the Casuals forward line and although the wings worked hard the centres invariably went wide. They had a splendid chance to score when Potter got before the goal with a centre from Grant, but Bynoe cleared. Casuals forward line was fast but St. Mary's was slow and lost many opportunities to rush through the opposing defence. Bynoe was showing up well in goal, yet inclined to be too slow, and Brown was sound at back. Casuals put up an equally good defence, and they lost an opportunity to score through Quesnel handling the ball. The whistle blew for half time shortly after with the score 0—0 and both side eager to draw blood.

The Resumption.

The second half opened fast with Casuals out to make up for lost time in the first half. The first rush led by Potter nearly ended seriously for the College but for brilliantly work by the halves. The College retaliated and Casuals were forced to concede a corner which proved fruitless. With high hopes the College forwards were playing well, but the Casuals' forwards secured an opening in their defence and W. G. Grant scored. The game continued at the same pace the College forwards endeavouring to equalise and Casuals striving their very best efforts to score again. Success attended their attempts and the second goal was netted by Murphy from close range despite Bynoe's efforts to stop the ball. Play was confined to St. Mary's area as Casuals determined to maintain the lead gave the opposing forward line no opening but up a stead attack on the College defence which brought results when Murphy scored with his head and sent the score to 3—0. Shortly after, the College forwards determined to score got an opening through the initiative of Solomon and Camps scored from a centre by Henderson. The end was near but the College forwards fought hard to score again. Many appeals for hands against the Casuals defence were refused. Play became extremely interesting as the College team was pressing. Excitement prevailed in the last few minutes butas the end was in sight play subsided into a tame affair and the final blast of the referee's whistle found Casuals the winners by three goals to one.


The above match will be played on the Association second class ground at 4.45 p.m.

Referee: Mr. H. Farrell.

The following will play for Y.M.C.A. against Shamrock:—

R. Diaz; H. Deeble, G. Harper; Hutson, E. Griffith, L. Procope; R. Guzman, P. Monsegue, C. Bertie, B. Ewing, C. Duprey (Captain).
Reserves: Laurence and Olliviere.

Commercial and Civil Service League

Ribeiro Combined will oppose Petrogrell on St. Mary's ground at 4.45 p.m. to-day.

Ribeiro will play: Correia (goal); Lewis and Farinha (backs); Vieira, Prada and Colina (halves); Donawa, Shepherd (Capt.), McCracken, Pinheiro, and Fung (forwards).
Colours: Blue and White.

Petrogrell: Waddell (goal); Orsini, Harris (backs); Armstrong, Mapp, Laughlin (halves); Diaz, Hart, L. Grant (Capt.), Abraham and Rooks (forwards).
Reserves: H. Williams and I. Ortiz.
Colours: Maroon

Referee: Mr. V. Redman.
Chairs will be provided.