T.A.F.A.: Yesterday's Practice Match

Date Published: 
Trinidad Guardian


The Possible and Probable teams met yesterday afternoon on the Association ground in a practice match in connection with the coming Intercolonial Tournament.

The Probable team won 4—1. The Possibles' forwards kept up a continuous attack on the Probables goal but they found it difficult to get through the defence. The Probables' forward line was a formidable one, Roach was the most dangerous and worried the opposing halves, but his side was unable to score. In the Possibles' forward line, Salomon was brilliant on the right wing while Quesnel at inner left was equally as good. After some mid-field play, Probables scored the first goal when headed from a centre by Boissiere. The Probables after this rushed the game and Boissiere as right wing directed some dangerous shots at Leschaloupe while the other forwards combined so well that they gave the Possibles' defence a great deal of trouble in clearing. The teams well balanced, equal in strength in the forward line as well as in their defence continued their struggle, the Possibles to equalise and the Probables to add another goal to their score, but half time came with the score unchanged.

In the second half the goalkeepers changed places. The Probables began to press from the start and from a corner kick by Gibson Achong headed to goal, but Prideaux cleared at the expense of a corner which proved fruitless. Play continued in the Possibles' area, and the backs defended well, but soon their determination was rewarded by a goal from a shot by Brown. The ball being kicked off, Roach centred to E. Achong who ran through and scored. The Probables' forward line combination served them in good stead and soon Brown, from a centre by Bossiere, scored the fourth goal. The Possibles still tried to score and Farrell beat Leschaloupe with a shot from a corner kick by Salomon bring the score to 4—1. Some exciting play was witnessed as the Possibles attacked, but the Probables team had the better of the exchanges. The game ended with the Probables team winning 4—1.

The teams lined up as follows:—

Probables: Prideaux. McVicar and Burnett; Wilson, Thom and Farrell; Boissiere, Roach, Brown, E. Achong and Gibson.

Possibles: Leschaloupe. Grell and Beard; Sturge, Richardson, Dupres, Salomon, Acosta, F. Farrell, V. Quesnel and M. Achong.

Referee: Mr. Bro Warner.
Linesmen: Messrs. J. Grant and A. Calvert.