Sailors At Football

Date Published: 
Trinidad Guardian


A team representing the U.S.S. Florida played interesting football against a local team on Shamrock grounds yesterday afternoon. The sailors though wanting in the finer points of the game, made up for this deficiency by energy & agility on the ball that could not be gainsaid. The local team was [illegible] out of form but could have made a better show had they been less scared of the weight of ship's crew and the eagerness of the latter to forsake the ball for the shoulder. The sailors after an energetic beginning scored two goals in quick succession in the first half and it was left to G. Orsini to notch the single goal for his side. The local team played with two men short in the first half but had their full complement in the second.

The teams lined up as follows:

U.S.S. Florida: Hodgekiss, Randolph, Lt. Darlington, Berschy, Kerreck and Pahl, Beiley, Allerman, [illegible]ger, Moore and Buxton.

Local: S. Calvert, M. Grell and A. B. McFarlane, A. Cumming, A. Gomez and L. Orsini, G. Orsini, I. Cumming, C. Rooks, B[illegible], A. Von Weiller.

Referee: Capt. J. O. Cutteridge.