Poor Attendance At Benefit Match

Date Published: 
Trinidad Guardian

Shamrock and Sussex Draw.

The success of yesterday's Shamrock v Royal Sussex promoted with a view to raising funds to meet initial expenses in the Inter-Schools Football Competition commencing on Monday was spoilt by unfavourable weather conditions.

The crowd was the smallest seen in attendance at a first class match. Deterred by rain that had fallen earlier in the day, lovers of the game declined to venture out and when the whistle blew the rows of seats usually well filled were empty. However, those in attendance saw bright and keen football, with the soldiers displaying form much above Shamrock's. Combining splendidly right through, they had Shamrock's defence guessing again and again, but they were unlucky when opportunities occurred for scoring. The match ended in a draw one goal all.

The teams lined up as follows:

Shamrock: V. Prideaux; F. R. Scarrott and A. Cumming; A. Von Weiller, I. Orsini, E. Leschaloupe; J. Cumming, F. Schjolseth, C. Von Albrecht, N. Brown, A. Quesnel.

Sussex: Griffiths; Moon and Coombs; Paige, Trowbridge and England; White, Newman, Cheeseman, Hills and Harman.

Referee: Captain O. Cutteridge.

Shamrock scored the only goal in the first half. The soldiers opened brightly. They were not long on their feet when it was seen that they were in excellent form. They broke through the defence repeatedly and Prideaux was hard worked. Newman and Cheeseman kept him busy repelling shots which a slight mistake would have turned into goals. Good combination was afterwards witnessed between Cumming, Brown and Schjolseth, but Moon and Coombs stood firm and repeated rushes were beaten off. Shamrock, however, stick to the offensive and were rewarded by gaining an opening. Schjolseth got his foot on the ball and a warm, low shot sent the ball into the nets amidst applause. Royals took the offensive and Newman and Cheeseman were seen to much advantage. During an exciting tangle near the penalty area Orsini handled the ball and a foul was awarded against Shamrock. Newman took the kick and shot strongly, but the ball travelled outside. After further interesting play half time was called. The soldiers played finely in the second half and deserved the goal they scored just a second before the final whistle.