S.A.F.A. Gopaul Cup

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Trinidad Guardian

La Pique Draws With Point Fortin in the Final.

As the season wears on games seem to be increasing in interest, for Friday's match is described on all sides as being more interesting even than any of the meetings between Point Fortin and Point-a-Pierre. Even the warmest supporters of La Pique, the oldest club in the S.A.F.A., did not expect a better result than 2..0 in favour of their opponents and when Couyet drew first blood for his side the crowd became almost uncontrollable. The La Pique team was very well balanced indeed: the forwards were fast, combined nicely and shot hard and often. Mohip and Procope were the best of the lot, though all were good. The tackling of the halves was superb, there being little to chose between three. Wilson displayed much of his old form and was an endless source of worry to the outside right of Point Fortin. Gopaul and Sweeney at back were sound in kicking and generally expcept one or twice when the latter miskicked and let through Bickett. Marache was seen at his best in the second having had comparatively nothing to do in the first half.

Point Fortin seemed to have underated their opponents at first and never seemed to have got going in the first half. Their forwards did not play up to usual form, and more shooting was done by their halves than by their gunners. Bell was in the pink of form his back volleying being particularly brilliant. McKinnon at right back was a tower of strength but Siddoun had his work cut out to keep Abay in check. Watsons saving was exceptionally grand and he it was who saved his side from certain defeat. The replay of this game takes place this afternoon.

Mr. Ralph Soodeen carried the whistle.

A Protest.

The decision of the S.A.F.A. upholding the protest by Point Fortin against the eligibility of Gellizeau and Sullivan in the Ibbett Cup final has been reversed by the T.A.F.A., the parent association. It is stated that Point Fortin will appeal to the Football Association (England).