B.D.V. Cup

Date Published: 
Trinidad Guardian


The above match was replayed on Shamrock's ground yesterday and resulted in a victory for the home team by two goals to one. Play was about even in the first half and the soldiers lost some fine chances. The game was faster in the second half but Shamrock had the better of their opponents and King and Alonzo netted one goal each. The soldiers played a fine game and succeeded in scoring one goal, Sergt. Pearce being responsible for it.

Royal Sussex won the toss and the home team kicked off towards the northern goal. After a few exchanges at midfield the visitors took the ball down and Shamrock had two narrow escapes. The home team retaliated and the forwards made several combined rushes but they were of no avail. Scarrot was prominent in defence and stopped many dangerous advances. The Shamrock forwards did good work, Brown and King making a fine pair. Half time arrive with neither side scoring. On the game being resumed the home team took the ball down and King scored with a good effort. Shamrock continued the pressure upon their opponents and one minute after King again came near scoring. The visitors made strenuous efforts to get level with their opponents and after several unsuccessful attacks Sergeant Perkins sent a splendid shot from the left which Prideaux partly saved and Sergt. Pearce getting possession scored with a fine shot. Both teams thereafter strove for supremacy but the visitors appeared more dangerous and Sergt. Pearce tested Prideaux with some good shots. Shamrock had the better of the subsequent exchanges and Brown dribbled nicely. Following some beautifully timed passing of the forward and keeping up the pressure the home team was again successful through the agency of Alonso, who scored with a good shot. The visitors made determined efforts to equalise but the end came the score unchanged. Shamrock 2, Royal Sussex 1.

Mr. Eric Legge was the referee,

The teams were:—

Shamrock: V. R. Prideaux, I. Sharrott, A. Comming, Von Weiller, L. Orsini, K. Leschaloupe, Alonso, P. Cumming, W. Brown, L. King, J. Cumming.

Royal Sussex: Pte. Clark, Pte. MacLeon, Pte. Newman, Sergt. Simpson, Lance Corporal Mson, Pte. Patrick, Lance Corporal White, Pte. Moon, Sergt. Pearce, Pte. Bothwell, Sergt. Perkins.