To-day's Football

Date Published: 
Trinidad Guardian

Casuals v Shannon.

The following will play for Shannon to-day on Casuals ground:—

F. Mondezie, R. Jones, S. McVorran, J. Romeo, E. Berkeley, H. Emmanuel, B. Roach, L. Constantine, G. Luke, H. Knights, H. Clarke.

Reserves: C. Bastien, J. Leotaud.

The following will repressent Messrs. Gordon Grant & Co. Ltd. against Messrs. Geo. F. Huggins & Co. Ltd. at 4.45 p.m. sharp on St. Mary's grounds:—

Messrs. Gordon Grant & Co. Ltd.: A. G. Burslem, F. C. Hitchins, G. M. Ghent, J. V. Rodriguez, A. N. Jenvy, G. M. Hawthorn, A. Bushe, W. Bushe (Captain), C. R. Potter, N. Kenny, R. A. Assing.
Linesman: J. R. Harries

Messrs. Geo. F. Huggins & Co. Ltd.: A. Carter, B. Cummings, H. Fraser, A. Taylor, G. Sutherland, D. Pogson, G. Huggins, R. Diaz, L. Knaggs (Captain) V. Carriciolo, F. de Souza.
Linesman: S. Linsay

Mr. Courtenny Rooks will referee the game.