Sportsmen join in nationwide tribute

Date Published: 
Trinidad Guardian

Sportsmen also joined in paying tribute to the late Prime Minister, and Mr. John Alleyne, president of Trinidad and Tobago Football Association, said while Dr. Williams never attended any national matches organised by the association, he was a footballer of note in his student days.

Despite his absence from the game, he was a footballer at heart and still loved the sport.

He wanted to join the rest of the country, on behalf of his association, to express sincere condolences to his bereaved relatives.

He said Dr. Williams had, like the most ardent supporters, shown great interest and expressed his personal joy when our national team performed so creditably in the World Cup preliminaries in Haiti in late 1973, and doubtless, the financial assistance which sport and football got from Government must have had his blessings.

The country would be all the poorer for his passing, and every single person involved in football must feel his loss very deeply, as indeed, every other national should.

Silence will be observed as a mark of respect at all matches played under the Trinidad Cricket Board of Control on the next playing day, Sunday, April 5, Mr. A.R. Lequay, president of the Board, said yesterday.

The Board president said he had asked the secretary to write an appropriate letter to the Minister of Education and Culture.