All-Stars Take Lead In Series

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Jamaica Gleaner

By 1-0 victory in third Test
Jamaica bungle chances
As wing-forward attack creates many openings

CARIB ALL-STARS ... 1 (Kruin)
JAMAICA ............... 0

AFTER fifty minutes of faithful application to his duty of marking Michel Kruin, Jamaica's centre half Henry Miller made one blunder and Kruin scored the lone goal in yesterday's third soccer Test at Sabina Park. The All-Stars now lead 2-1 with one Test left.

This was a quirk of fate for Miller had been one of the outstanding players on the Jamaica team which was given several scoring opportunities whilst their forwards moved around in an aura of indecision. Gillie Heron, out of the game through an injured right knee, was sadly missed.

Before the game which was watched by a record of 21,000 fans, members of both teams were presented to the Roman Catholic Bishop in Jamaica, Rt. Rev. John J. McEleny, who sat with the Earl of Athone, president of the English F.A.

Bunny Barber with the whistle and referees Arthur Bethune and Rupert MacAnuff officiating as linesmen, were in charge of the game.

Initiating an isosceles attack from the kick-off the Stars were soon in the Jamaica danger zone.—Kruin and Kamperveen indulged cross-tabs whilst inside right Charles Banguillot ran ahead into position. With the Jamaica defence befuddled and crowding the area, Banguillot from the apex of the movement took a colossal shot which Saunders saved magnificently as the crowd cheered.

But this frightening offensive by the Stars was no portent of what the run of play would be like; though Saunders' save was the beginning of one of the finest goal-keeping exhibitions ever seen in representative soccer at Sabina Park.

Lester Alcock who played very well, received a pass from left half Largie—easily the best player on the field—cleverly disposed of centre half Allan Joseph and right half Charleau, then passed to Watson. Watson swung to Bobby Williams and Williams centred. But Tappin slightly too hesitant shot wide as he was tackled.

Within another minute Jamaica was given a 'sitter'. Dudley Smith tackled, got control of the ball, pushed through to Alcock. Alcock again indulged in his habit of beating Joseph, and passed to Williams. Williams tricked Parsons and centred to Watson. Well positioned and with only the keeper to beat Watson shot tamely and wide.

Jamaica was dictating the run of play and once more Watson, sent away on a long and uninterrupted pass from Henry Miller at the centre line, missed hopelessly with a puny shot.

All efforts to concentrate their attack on thrusts through the centre had so far failed. Miller was proving adequate foil to the scheming Kruin who had exchanged his inside right position No. 8 for centre foward No. 9. So No. 9 was the low fearful cry each time the ball went in his direction.

Suddenly the All-Stars shifted their attack to their wing-forwards and it was during this period that Lindy Delapenha, dropped back to a semi-defensive role, and wing halves Largie and Smith showed up to best advantage.

Time and again long passes were sent through midfield to Watson but he invariably never rose to the occasion.

With Allan Joseph vigorously tackling Delapenha and sending off outside right Doesrosiers with a looping pass the interval came.

Second half

From the second half started the All-Stars took control of the game. Wing forwards Andre Vieux on the left and Paul Desrosiers evidently were endeavouring to open the centre to let through goal-hungry Kruin on his dangerous and nearly always fruitful missions.

Miller pursued Kruin who was using every trick of the game to elude his shadow. With the ball crossing from wing to wing Saunders was severely tested and brought off some brilliant saves.

But perhaps Jamaica's best try at goal came from Alcock. Neatly bypassing Allan Joseph, he waited for Parsons, body-shifted him out of the way and shot hard and low with his right foot for Lacossade to save well.

In the fiftieth minute the outcome of the game was sealed. Lacossade tapped a goal kick to left back Dieudonne. Dieudonne passed back, Lacossade collected and kicked way into the opposing half. Miller standing by Kruin misjudged the clearance and as the ball went over his head 'Our ruin' was off.

He dribbled towards the eastern upright of the southern goal.

Saunders wisely moved to cut down the shooting angle but he was not backed up and Kruin—with a fine sense of opportunism—scored in the far unprotected side of the goal.

Tappin was brought in from the right wing to centre forward and Watson went out but the game ended with Jamaica trying valiantly to earn at least a draw.


All-Stars: Roland Lacossade (Haiti) goal; Gerry Parsons (Trinidad) right back; Andre Dieudonne (Haiti) left back; Delbert Charleau (Trinidad) right half; Allan Joseph (Trinidad) centre half; Humphrey Mynals (Surinam) left half; Paul Desrosiers (Haiti) outside right, Charles Banguillot (Guadeloupe) capt., inside right; Michel Kruin (Surinam) centre forward; Rudie Kamperveen (Surinam) inside left and Andre Vieux (Haiti) outside left.

Jamaica: Teddy Saunders, Dickie Bayliss, right back; Icar Lawrence, left back; Dudley Smith, right half; Henry Miller, centre half; Karl Largie, left half; Noel Tappin, outside right; Lindy Delapenha, inside right; Barry Watson, centre forward; Lester Alcock, inside left and Bobby Williams, outside left.

[photo caption]

Teddy springs to a hot one TEDDY SAUNDERS bringing off one of his many fine saves in yesterday's third soccer Test between the Caribbean All-Stars and Jamaica at Sabina Park. Here he leaps to hold a powerful shot from outside right Paul Desrosiers who had just beaten Icar Lawrence (extreme left). All-Stars won 1-0 and now lead 2-1 in the four-game Test series.

[photo caption]

ALL-STARS custodian, Roland Lacossade, reaches well-up to beat Jamaica centre forward Barry Watson during a melee, to a pass from outside left Bobby Williams at Sabina Park yesterday afternoon. Jamaica lost 1-0.