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G. St. C. Scotter
Date Published: 
Jamaica Gleaner

W.I. Football

AGAIN IN Jamaica is Commander Hayward, president of the Trinidad Football Association, his
object being to confer with the JFA with regard to a B.W.I. Football Federation.

There is no reason at all why the B.W.I. should not have a centralised Football Board of Control along the lines of the W.I. Cricket Board which has done such great work for the game out here. There are many reasons in favour of it, chief among them being that it would enable the B.W.I. to share the expenses of visiting teams, particularly an English team in those countries, which is by far the most satisfactory way of improving the general standard of the game. It would also enable us to establish a regular inter-colonial football tournament on the lines of the inter-colonial cricket tourney which also has greatly helped the development of W.I. cricket.


WHILE the Football Associations of Trinidad and Jamaica are confering together during the visit of Commander Hayward, it would be a good opportunity to consider what seems to be a sound alteration of the Rules: that is the new rule of an International Football Federation allowing for substitutes being put in in case of injuries in the field.

Many a team has been seriously handicapped in a match by having a good man injured early, and having to play with only ten men for the rest of the game. This is quite a considerable handicap in a closely knit team such as football which depends on the close co-operation of every man of the eleven.

So far the English F A has declined to admit the new rule, though they are considering it. But
there is no reason why our local Associations should not allow it if they consider it desirable; for though we are affiliated to the English F A , we are not bound by them in matters of this kind; thus our Cricket Board calls for eight-ball overs while the MCC only calls for six.