Sunday Soccer

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Trinidad Guardian

Wilson League fixture for today are:

Diasville v St. Barb's, 9 a.m., Shamrock ground. Mr. F. Moore.
Canberrites v Trelawney, 10 a.m., Shamrock ground. Mr. G. Harding.
Rovers v Nomads, 9 a.m., Sporting Club ground. Mr. H. Nolan.
Russian Dynamos v Sportston, 10 a.m., Sporting Club, Mr. H. Nolan.
Argyles bye.
Holburn v [illegible], 9 a.m., Notre Dame ground, Mr. M. Hunte.
Melbourne v Pollard and Mandea, 10 a.m., Notre Dame, Mr. M. Hunte.
Beethoven v. Hutsfield, 9 a.m., Northern League ground, Mr. V. Duncan.
St. Thomas v Olympians, 10 a.m., Northern League, Mr. V. Duncan.
Russians v Codrington, 9 a.m., Colts ground, Mr. D. Lewis.
Guardian v. St. Ann's Rovers, 10 a.m., Colts ground, Mr. D. Lewis.

Saratoga, Argyle and Finn Boys scored their second win in the third round of the Oriental Sunday Afternoon soccer competition on the Queen's Park Savannah, on Sunday.