Noted Trinidad Sportsman Here On Football Mission To Cuba And Bahamas

Date Published: 
Jamaica Gleaner

Commander Charles Hayward, M.B.E.Comdr. C. Hayward

Alive to the importance of sports in the closer linking of the islands and countries in the Caribbean area, and with a view to pushing plans in this connection, one of Trinidad's key sportsmen recently left there on such a mission. He is Commander Charles Hayward, well-known footballer and an old friend of Jamaica who arrived here yesterday morning in the s/s "Eros" intransit to the Bahamas and Cuba.

Before going ashore Commander Hayward revealed in an interview that Trinidad was trying to establish links with all the Latin American countries, sports being one of the best to bring peoples together. His immediate mission in the interest of football, would take him to the Bahamas and Cuba—later he would be expanding his wings.

President of the Trinidad Amateur Football Association, Commander Hayward is head of nearly every sporting body in that colony and was recently made a life vice-president of the three A's. Trinidad was doing a lot about hiking and they had just elected him president of the Amateur Walking Association.


Concerning Trinidad's prospects for the Olympics. Commander Hayward said they were sending over a three-man team: a cyclist, a runner, and a weight-lifter. "Whilst we have no tremendous hope," he said "it will be good experience for the athletes."

Continuing he declared that Jamaica was in a more fortunate position in that this island had Government's backing, "In Trinidad the Government has done nothing yet about our representatives," he remarked.

Proud that they have been able to subscribe to the team's going, the slogan in Trinidad has been "We are sending a team from Trinidad by the people of Trinidad."

Commander Hayward is a Naval architect and consulting engineer by profession.

Down at the pier to meet him was Mr. A. D. Soutar who made an excuse for the absence of Mr. G. M. daCosta.

He was glad to be back in Jamaica and to meet the many friends made here.