J.F.A. President Plans Visit Of Trinidad School Footballers

Date Published: 
Jamaica Gleaner

IF THE PLANS and other tentative arrangements made by Mr. G. M. daCosta, President of the Jamaica Football Association, whilst he was in Trinidad quite recently with our football team, materialised from this end, Jamaica will, for the first time in the sporting annals of local football, see a team of schoolboy footballers from the sister colony performing here.

During Mr. daCosta's stay in Trinidad, in addition to his duties as the Manager of the Jamaican players and in addition to his many other duties as the official head of the Jamaica Football Association, he made it his duty to spend as much of his limited and available time for the cause of Jamaica's football.

In this respect, it is gratifying to learn that one of his greatest works was to make personal approaches and contacts for the bringing to Jamaica of a school boy team; and this move of his was very greatly encouraged, not alone by the Football Association of Trinidad, but by the heads of the Secondary schools there as well.

Receiving the full sanction and approval, firstly, of the Trinidad Football Association, Mr. daCosta then sought the opinion of the Headmaster of the St. Mary's College, one of the biggest Secondary institutions of that Colony. Together with these two bodies, Mr. daCosta went on further to discuss the proposal in full details and certain decisions were arrived at.

This proposed tour is calculated to cover a fortnight's period and around Easter which is the most suitable time for the school boys of both Jamaica and Trinidad. The visiting team should comprise sixteen players who will be accompanied by a Manager, and the series should be a total of five matches.

As President of the Jamaica Football Association, it is only natural that all these negotiations, tentative arrangements and planning of Mr. daCosta were done in his official capacity and in the behalf of the J.F.A. Under the circumstances, if things are successfully completed, the tournament will be run under the auspices of the local Association who, however, awaits the permission and co-operation in all details of the Headmasters Association.


As Mr. daCosta emphasised to me, a tour of this nature will not only be writing a new chapter in Jamaican school football, it will not only be the means of providing the thousands of followers of the school boy games and local football fans in general with happy enjoyment and pleasure, but, to quote Mr. daCosta's own words. "This tour might be made in the interest of the younger players and will provide the re-placement so vitally necessary in adult football".

Seeing the school boys at play while he was in Trinidad, Mr. daCosta is unshaken in his belief that the standard of those boys game might be regarded as slightly superior to ours. This is a statement which is fully borne out by many of our players with whom I have spoken on the point after their return to the island from their visit and playing in Trinidad.

On our side, those of us who have been with the school boys in their play throughout the years are sanguine that our boys are in a position, despite their weak points, of holding their own against the boys of the sister colony, hence the interest which may characterise a tour such as this proposed by daCosta.