Tribute to the late Ken Galt

Clara Rosa De Lima
Date Published: 
Trinidad Guardian

The Late KenThe Late Ken: that's Ken Galt (right) the late president of the Trinidad and Tobago Football Association in serious football chat with John McMahon, manager of the Canadian National Football team, when they visited here last year.

An exceptional man of many smiles who seldom lied.
He was loved from down to up the ladder.
When things seemed to be falling apart;
Expertly he schemed to hold them together,
When everyone else was long their cool;
Firmly and quietly he kept his.
When there was a disaster,
Or someone in stress for that matter,
He was first to assist, to make that generous offer.
He respected that called family with sincerity
And of this, we who knew him, were proud.
Whenever the Football Association was severely attacked,
He'd say: They are ignorant of the facts,
They'd do much better to check before speaking up.
Extraordinary stamina this man,
Who moved from morning to night serving this land
With miles and miles of shore which I so adore.
You even wonder if of that calibre there'll be more?
On this, I am sure, he'd say, you are prejudiced,
For I've been known to rant and rave.
To be heard above the crowd one must at times shout,
Would be my answer in raised voice.
He lived with zest,
A good example to those of us left,
Ken Galt lived as he played, centre and forward.