TAFA Inaugural Football Match

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Port-of-Spain Gazette


Casuals FCCasuals FC

TO-DAY will mark the beginning of a new era in the history of sport when the first football match in the League competition which will be contested by the Casuals and Clydesdale teams, which are admittedly the strongest combinations in the local world of football. The recent formation of an Amateur Football Association among the various football clubs in the colony has certainly created greater popular interest in that form of outdoor sport, while tending in itself to lift the game to a higher standard of efficiency by means of open competition in league matches between the respective football units. The cricket season has practically closed and for the next three months, football will be the centre of attraction of our sport-loving community. Strictly speaking, football is more or less in its infancy in this colony, but with the practical sympathy and general interest which it has already awakened, there is evidence that in the not distant future, the game will take that high position in the arena of local sport to which its peculiar attractions so fully entitle it. To-day's game which will be played on "Casuals" ground, will start at 5 p.m. punctually with the formality of the "kicking off" of the ball by the President of the Association; preparatory to which, at five minutes before call of time, the teams will be lined up at their respective goals. The players are requested to turn up at 4.45 p.m., so as to avoid delay in starting. Ample seating accommodation will be made for ladies attending. The teams are as follows:—

CASUALS—(Colours: Maroon and White). Linesman, Mr. T. Jackson. Goal, E.M. Legge; Backs, D. M. Anderson, F. N. Brierly, (capt.); Half-Backs, N. Farian, A. McCracken, R. Johnstone; Forwards, W. H. Eccles, G. D. Owen, J. R. Rochford, Revd. W. E. Smith, G. A. Brierly. Reserves, B. Athill, E. Sanderson.

CLYDESDALE—(Colours: Black and White). Linesman, Mr. A. B. Knowles. Goal, J. B. Todd; Backs, J. Penrich (capt.), J. Simpson; Half-Backs, C. Thavenot, J. H. Hoadley, W. Adam; Forwards, G. Logie, H. Bullock, H. W. Knox, P. Taylor, Wm. Stewart. Reserves, A. H. Cochrane, H. Ewalt.

Mr. Felix Leotaud will be the Referee.

TAFA Inaugural Football Match