Clydesdale Club launches centenary publication

Roger Seepersad
Date Published: 
Trinidad Express

A Good ReadA Good Read: Christopher Harragin, left, son of author Horace Harragin, Alice Besson, centre, of Paria Publishing, and Clydesdale Club president Michael Grainger go through the club's centennial publication entitled, "The Story of the Clydesdale Club in Trinidad and Tobago, 1897-1997", during the launch held at the clubhouse in St Clair on Friday night.

A book, 30 years in the making and entitled "The Story of the Clydesdale Club in Trinidad and Tobago, 1897-1997", was finally launched on Friday evening at the Clydesdale Club in Port of Spain.

And the book's publisher, Gerard Besson, from Paria Publishing, believes it is more than a documented history of the club, but "a memoir of its members".

At Clydesdale clubhouse on Havelock Street, St Clair, Besson highlighted the members of the club and their contribution to the society and said the book brings to the readers more than just the club's history.

The book is a collection of historic facts about the Clydesdale Club, which was established in 1897. It was started by Horace Harragin, a freelance sports reporter who died before it was completed.

However, Katrianna Latchman took up where Harragin left off and the book was finally completed earlier this year.

"It is really a history of football in Trinidad and Tobago," Besson insisted, and he explained that some parts of the book were quoted by the T&T Football Federation for their Centennial football friendly against the visiting England team on June 1.

The club celebrates 110 years of existence this year and prides itself as being the home where football in T&T was born.

The book seeks to honour those who, more than 100 years ago, introduced the beautiful game to these islands and in honour of those who have maintained the high standards of sportsmanship that the club is known for.

"The club is one of rich history which is well documented," said Besson, adding: "The memory of those who have contributed to the development of football in the country is kept alive in the camaraderie and friendship within the club.

"This is where men came together and supported each other through the hard times. A place where the rich texture of our memories linger. Clydesdale is an institution that has survived," Besson concluded.

The 182-page hard-cover book is available at the clubhouse at a cost of $300.