TTFF - History

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A retrospective

On July 23 1908, the Trinidad & Tobago Football Association was established. For many years after its establishment, there were practical difficulties spreading the game of football throughout the island. These difficulties occurred primarily because of the undeveloped road network system. Football was therefore concentrated in the major urban areas of north and south. With the existence of foreign oil companies in the south, several expatriates played and taught the game to locals. During this period, international exposure was limited to a series of friendly matches exclusively for the senior team.

T&T became independent in 1962 after many years as a British colony. TTFA was therefore able to become a member of FIFA and its confederate Concacaf. As T&T continued to develop the game spread throughout the country and several local leagues were established. By the 1980’s football dominated the national sporting scene. In addition to the senior leagues, a Secondary Schools League was established.

With the wealth of talent surfacing on the national football landscape, it was only natural for the t&t team to enter the world Football stage. The teams narrowly missed qualifying for the 1974 and 1990 World Cup Tournament. Given the country’s remarkable conduct in the final qualifying match against the USA in 1989, the team was awarded the Fair Play Prize by FIFA.

After much soul searching it was decided that significant changes had to be made to the operations of Football in t&t. 1994 marked a turning point. A new constitution was developed and approved. The new constitution prevents membership by individual clubs and recognizes Leagues. The ttff therefore comprises the six Regional Associations, the Secondary Schools League, the Primary Schools League, the Women’s Football League, the Coaches Association and the Referees Association. The legal name change took place in September of 1998.

The TTFA participates in all the international competitions organized by the FIFA or its Confederation – Concacaf): World Cup, Olympics, U-20, U-17 and Women .

In 1998 at the Association’s Annual General Meeting held on September 13, its name was constitutionally changed to that of the Trinidad & Tobago Football Federation and it adopted a revised version of its corporate emblem.

As we move into the new millennium, the Trinidad & Tobago Football Federation looks forward to exciting developments in our game of football, the Professional Football League, the Gold Cup, T&T u-17 Team for 2001 and the hosting of the u-17 World Championship 2001 in our island, our campaign for the u-20 World Youth Championship 2001 and World Cup Korea/Japan in 2002.