TTFF - Structure

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The Executive

According to the Federation's Constitution, the Executive Committee is responsible for the 'day to day 'activities of the Federation. Its major function is to oversee, review and approve the work of the sub-committees and paid staff, The Chairman and Leader of the Committee is the President and its major functionary the General Secretary.

The Executive comprises 14 members

Seven Officers of the Federation
Oliver Camps - President
Raymond Tim Kee - Vice Presidents
Lennox Watson
Lennox Sirjuesingh - Asst Sec (Admin)
Lloyd Walters - Asst Sec(Oper)
Richard Groden - Gen'l Sec

Five Elected Members of the General Council
Neville Ferguson - Gen'l Sec, Eastern FA
Mr Kenneth Kerr - Presid, Tobago FA
Mr John Felix - Presid, Northern FA
Mr K Kuarsingh - Presid, Referees’ Assoc
Mr Roy Jagroopsingh - Presid, Secondary Schools FL

Two Persons Appointed by the Officers of the Federation
Austin ‘Jack’ Warner - Technical Advisor

The Committee is accountable to the General Council. However, whereas the General Council meets just once per quarter for major decision-making, the Executive Committee meets monthly. In addition to providing a forum for more complete communication and representation of viewpoints, the two persons co-opted by the General Council are the Presidents, Referees Association and Northern FA

The General Council. Meets quarterly to consider recommendations put to it by the Executive. The decisions of the Council are final and binding on all members of the Federation until they are rescinded at a subsequent meeting.

The 7 officers of the Federation
Seven representatives of each of the 6 Regional Associations
Two representatives of each of the other 5 Member Associations
Honorary Members

General Meetings. When the Federation meets in General Meetings ie AGM, it considers the minutes of the previous agm, the Annual General Council’s report, audited financial statements & balance sheet, a current listing of officers and the membership. This is the forum at which proposals and amendments are tabled. Generally an agm is held annually however, when there are urgent pressing matters, an Extra Ordinary General Meeting can be called as and when necessary. The decisions of the General Meetings are binding.

The 7 Officers of the Association
Representatives of each of the 6 Regional Associations
3 representatives of each of the other 5 Members
Observers as invited by the Executive Committee

The Standing Committees. There are 12 committees which are appointed annually. Sub committees and ad hoc committees may be appointed to resolve specific issues. The reporting relationship is to the Executive. The President and General Secretary are ex-officio members of all Standing Committees except the Disciplinary and Appeals Committees.