Athenian League v. Caribbean XI

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Wealdstone Football Club

Athenian League v. Caribbean XIOfficial Programme

SEASON 1959-60 No. 662

Saturday, September 12, 1959. Kick-off 3 p.m.


We have much pleasure in staging this afternoon's match and cordially welcome to our ground, officials and players of the Caribbean Touring Team and the Athenian Football League. We are also pleased to have here a number of County officials and we hope all will enjoy their visit.


Tyrone C. DE LA BASTIDE. Represented College in Jamaica, played his first representative game for Trinidad in 1959. On the small side for a defender, nevertheless fast, tackles hard and quick in recovery. Aged 20.

Leonard LEGGARD. Represented Trinidad at home in 1959, makes good use of the open spaces, hobbies are reading, movies and swimming. Aged 29.

Syndey A. BARTLETT. Educated at Gaynstead High School, Jamaica and earned the Cambridge School Certificate. Represented Jamaica in 1958 and 1959; an inside forward whose positional play is sound, and always dangerous in the area. Aged 21.

R. A. BAPTISTE. Despite his weight he is very agile between the uprights. He has visited Surinam and Jamaica representing Trinidad between the uprights; his anticipation is an asset which makes it very difficult to get past him.

Montague HOPE. Commencing his career in 1954 for St. Barnabas F.C. after coming from the Regional Youth Council; capped for British Guiana on four occasions—twice at home and twice abroad—played against Surinam, Trinidad, Jamaica and Barbados.

Ronald J. GRAY. Born in England. One of the youngest members of the team, now resident in Trinidad. Educated at Trinity Academy School, Pointe-A-Pierre, Trinidad. Cambridge Overseas School Certificate. A clever player who oft-times splits a defence. Aged 20.

Edward K. ALEONG. Represented Trinidad at home, a good ball player, he is not afraid to move into attack. His balanced poise and the delicacy of his control is delightful to watch. Aged 22.

Noel A. DANIEL. Represented Trinidad against England at home, and in Jamaica, and in Surinam (Dutch Guiana). By virtue of his height is suitably positioned at Centre-half, an efficient player and is always on the watch to turn defence into attack. Aged 29.

Alvin A. CORNEAL. A very versatile forward particularly on the left side. Represented Trinidad at home in 1959, his maiden tour abroad. A natural ball player. Swimming, dancing and table tennis are his hobbies. Aged 22.

William RODRIGUEZ. Nicknamed "Willie". Represented Trinidad at home, in Jamaica, and in Surinam (Dutch Guiana). In cricket, he represented the West Indies in India and Pakistan. He is a very versatile player specialising at Back and Centre Half, balanced, cultured, and an artist in the use of the ball. Hobbies are swimming, horse racing and movies. Aged 25.

Doyle GRIFFITH. From his schooldays he displayed unusual talent as a ball player. He first played representative Football for his League (Southern Amateur Football League) in 1949. Has represented Trinidad at home and abroad. A tire-less wing half. His strength lies in astute anticipation and interception. Aged 27.

Athenian League v. Caribbean XI Line-up

Right ATHENIAN LEAGUE (White) Left

P. Shearing, Hendon
2. G. C. Taylor, (Capt.) Hounslow Town; 3. R. L. Short, Southall
4. P. T. Walsh, Southall; 5. A. J. D'Arcy, Barnet; 6. R. J. Cantwell, Barnet
7. G. J. Underwood, Southall; 8. D. D'Arcy, Barnet; 9. R. Brown, Barnet; 10. J. Moran, Wealdstone; 11. T. Howard, Hendon

Referee: Mr. J. L. Lockton; Linesmen: Messrs F. Goddard, Cerise Flag; B. Manning, Orange Flag

11. Leonard Leggard, Trinidad; 10. Sydney Bartlett, Jamaica; 9. Monty Hope, British Guiana; 8. Ronald Gray, Trinidad; 7. Alvin Corneal, Trinidad
6. Edward Aleong, Trinidad; 5. Noel Daniel, Trinidad; 4. Doyle Griffith, (Capt.), Trinidad
3. William Rodriguez, Trinidad; 2. Tyrone de la Bastide, Trinidad
Reginald Baptiste, Trinidad

Left CARIBBEAN XI (Navy Blue Gold & White) Right