TTFF - Our Mission

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As we move into the new millennium, the Trinidad & Tobago Football Federation given our extensive development plan and the dedication to achieving the goal of 'Football Supremacy', we expect that by 2002, our squads will provide significant challenge to any of its opponents.

T&T can look forward to exciting developments in our game of football, the Professional Football League, the Gold Cup, T&T u-17 Team for 2001 and the hosting of the u-17 World Championship 2001 in our island, our campaign for the u-20 World Youth Championship 2001 and World Cup Korea/Japan in 2002. Senior.

Four pillars of our Vision

- Youth Development
- Improvement of the PFL
- Association support via club extensions
- Success in World Championship 2001, u-20 World Youth 2001 & World Cup 2002

Youth Development

To guarantee our presence on football’s centre stage the focus is on our young players. The Centres for Excellence have been created to groom young players and provide a pool of talent to feed our national teams. To keep the younger players on the cutting edge, the Regional Associations have been charged with the responsibility of running a National Youth League which provides competition opportunities for clubs to showcase their youths. Activities under the National Youth League include age group competitions, a league and knockout competition at junior and senior levels.

The Federation provides competitions and programs across Member Associations to bring the cream to the top of our football talent. A Football Academy which will ensure the overall development of these players.

Improvement of the PFL

In a relatively short period the Professional Football League has generated keen competition among clubs with an improved standard of play.

In preparation for a more professional approach to football, the focus of attention was placed on service providers. Olympic Solidarity and Fifa Futuro I&II courses were staged to improve skills of service providers in all support and ancillary areas. Arising out of these programs a 12-member committee was selected to cascade the information to the club level.

Association support via club extensions

The parent body strengthens its Member Associations by having training programs, the last of which was done by 2 Australian experts for club’s development

Success in World Championship 2001, u-20 World Youth 2001 & World Cup 2002

The hosting of 2001 Fifa World Championship provides an opportunity to test the success of our Youth Development Program. It is expected that our team will represent us well and add that Caribbean excitement to the games. The U-20 and Senior squads have undergone intensive training to meet the challenges ahead.