TTFF - Members

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Organized competitive football is now played throughout the length and breath of T&T, from as far east as Matelot, to Siparia in the south even across the waters to Tobago there are players and clubs to be served.

Because of this overwhelming participation the Federation decentralized the organization of football by having 6 Regional Associations to look after the organization of activities for the clubs in their regions regarding competitions and development programs. The 5 other bodies are each involved in a definite aspect of the game at national level.

This enabled the TTFF to administer under its umbrella a total of 120 senior clubs with over 3000 players, 200 schools with 8000 players, 12 women's clubs with 350 players, 250 match officials and 150 coaches.

The operation of the Regional Associations and fully constituted bodies are co-ordinated by the parent body which serves the development of football. Each member has representation on the ttff General Council so that the Football Federation can now be considered a Federation of Associations.


In 1993, a constitutional amendment changed the membership from constituent clubs to Member Associations.