Football Coach Not Likely To Come Again

Date Published: 
Jamaica Gleaner

Annual general meeting of the Jamaica Football Association, preparatory to the new 1947-48 season, will be held on Thursday night, August 14, presumably at Sabina Park.

This was the decision arrived at the last meeting of the Council of the J.F.A. held at Sabina Park toward the end of last week.

While preparing for a new season which it is the hope will be outstanding as the last one when the Trinidadians visited us, the meeting, however, recorded the possibility of the English Coach not coming to Jamaica at all.

It will no doubt be remembered that the Coach, Bulger by name, was obtained through the Trinidad Amateur Football Association, which brought him out from England; but that when the J.F.A. Council dealt with the matter, there was a snag in the date.

The local Council then communicated with the T.A.F.A. that it would only be able to utilize the services of Bulger on condition that he comes to Jamaica before November, and not after that month as they had proposed.

The new schedule suggested by the J.F.A. does not seem to have found favour with the T.A.F.A., and as the former is rightly of the opinion that the coach coming later would serve no useful purpose, particularly to the Schools, it does not now seem likely that Jamaica will share Bulger with Trinidad and other West Indian colonies.

The idea, however, is not dropped, and the J.F.A. hopes to bring out a Coach all on its own for a longer and more profitable period.