JFA Council And Chairman Commended For Excellent Work

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Jamaica Gleaner

Services Of A Coach For Three Months Agreed On

Even before completion of its term of office, members of the Jamaica Football Association have had cause to record their satisfaction and appreciation of their Council for 1946-47.

Opportunity to do so was taken at the special general meeting called by the JFA Council at Sabina Park on Thursday night to receive the accounts of the Trinidad tour, and to decide on the question of procuring the services of a coach on the terms offered by the Trinidad Amateur Football Association.

The result was such an amiable meeting, chaired by Mr. G. M. daCosta, President, that compliments were exchanged on either side, more emphatically on the part of members, on whose behalf Mr. W. Grant and the Rev. Father Gladstone Wilson not only commended the Council on the capable way it had handled the Association's business to date, but Mr. daCosta's conduct of the meeting that night. The latter aspect, Father Wilson said, was in the main responsible for an undoubted successful meeting.


Auditor's accounts of the Trinidad tour were the first to be presented to the meeting and which revealed the satisfactory profit of £974, as a result of income amounting to £3,957 and expenses £3,004 approximately.

Fans will no doubt be interested to note that the gate receipts for the nine matches totalled £3,481, but some £1,500, including approximately £1,022 for air and local transportation, was spent on the major items of entertaining the Trinidad footballers here. Another £143 was spent on blazers and shorts for the local players.

After first agreeing on principle to have the services of the coach, Mr. C. G. Bulger, on the terms of the TAFA but for the period, which should be between September and November, the meeting came to an understanding as to how his expenses of £300 for the three months should be met.


Mr. R. C. Marley on behalf of the Kingston C.C., which club had got £140 for the use of Sabina Park for the playing of the matches against Trinidad and local JFA matches, offered to return £50 of that sum towards the coach's expenses, which generous offer was followed with Lucas and St. George's Old Boys promising to subscribe £15 each, Kensington £10, whilst other representatives present promised the reasonable support of their clubs.

Rev. Fr. Cruchley also promised the support of the Headmasters' Association, who are now in control of secondary schools sports, as he was of the opinion that it was their desire to utilise the services of the coach as well.

The chairman assured the representative of the Cornwall Football Board that the coach would be available to their clubs in Montego Bay, as he would also be to Munro College.

In conclusion, a resolution, moved by Mr. Frank Barrow (Melbourne) was passed to the effect
that the expenses of the Coach for the three months would be met by subscriptions from the clubs and the funds of the J.F.A., the latter's share not to exceed one-half the amount.

Besides the chairman, other members of the Council present were--Mr. A. D. Soutar (1st Vice-President) Hon. Surgeon-Major A. G. Curphy, Messrs. Douglas Fletcher, H. B. Brown, P. A. Chevannes, Jack Campbell (Treasurer) and H. N. Walker (Secretary).