Ichabod! We Get Worst Beating In Our History

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Jamaica Gleaner

Trinidad Rout Jamaica 6—0 In Final Test; 3 Goals Scored in 5 Minutes; Series Drawn

Trinidad ..... 6
Jamaica ..... 0

A HEAVY SHOWER of rain around three o'clock so left Sabina Park yesterday afternoon as to send a Jamaica team floundering around, whilst Trinidad, as was to be expected, turning in the best game they ever demonstrated in two tours to this country, over-ran us to the extent of 6—0 in the final Test of the Intercolonial Football Tournament.

This overwhelming success not only allowed Trinidad, who were winning their second successive "test"; to save the "rubber", and to retain the "Ashes" so to speak, having won it
back in 1935-36 but to inflict the biggest defeat ever sustained by a Jamaica representative side.

Despite the apparent rout, Jamaica, under the circumstances, did not play so badly. Although down 4-0 in the first half, they undoubtedly had an even share of the exchanges, and only indifferent shooting, our customary bugbear, and the brilliant positional play and kicking of Cecil Dopson, backed by John Huggins on his left and Joe Gonsalves in goal, prevented us cutting down the lead.

As they demonstrated in the second match of the tour, when they beat St. George's Old Boys 4-2, the Trinidadians with their studded boots were more at home on the wet field, to which they are accustomed in Trinidad where the rainfall is heavy; whilst our boys were slipping about trying to get grip with their barred boots.

Further they demonstrated that they knew exactly the type of the game to adopt under the circumstances, and showed that even with a heavy ball they were adepts at lofting it and getting it to where they wanted it to go whilst it proved unwieldy to the Jamaica team very hard to get away, particularly by our defenders.

Trinidad made but one change in the side that won 2-1 on Saturday last, and that was due to Ian Seale being incapacitated by a pulled muscle, Winn coming in at left-half for him.

Kicking-off up the hill first after the two teams had been introduced to the Hon. H. M. Foot, C.M.G., O.B.E., Colonial Secretary, Trinidad served early notice of what was to come with a movement that was not stopped and allowing not a Jamaican to touch the ball until A. S. Dujon saved a grand low drive from Ganteaume.


Jamaica in turn went down and Alcock from close in was blocked by a defender just in time before he shot. And then things started to happen: the goals started to come so fast hat one could hardly follow the moves that brought them; and probably few of the big crowd, some 12,000 strong, realised that the first three goals were scored in 5 minutes.

The first was engineered between Ganteaume and Lewis on the right, the latter lobbing across to Galt, at centre whose header was saved. Dujon, who like most Jamaica goalkeepers, does not use gloves, naturally could not hold the slippery and heavy ball, and Galt was right there to pounce upon a golden opportunity.

Followed another rain, again comping from the right and when a defender headed out, not so far from goal, Gerry Gomez, who along with Ganteaume dominated the middle, pounced on the ball and scored with a hard low drive through a medley of legs. Glat got his second goal and the third for his side not long after, when Dujon saved a cross-shot from the right, but again failing to hold the ball brought it down in the middle of a number of players, mostly attackers, and it was soon in the back of the net.


But Jamaica fought back, if unable to work up the necessary pace that would nullify the slower and more controlled game of the visitors. Four corners were forced; Ricketts and Coy tried tow dangerous enough long shots; McMorris tried a good header that just went out; and once Alcock in a solo beat about four defenders but was robbed of the ball at the penultimate moment.

Then Trinidad broke away but were held up little outside of the area but Lewis cutting in as usual tried a strong shot about 40 yards out when Shakespeare miskicked and lo, as usual Dujon was out of his goal and the ball passed easily over his head into the back of the net.

Just before the recess a pretty movement by the Jamaican forwards saw McMorris give Alcock a nice pass just in front of goal but it went to the latter's right foot and a golden chance went.


As in the first half when the ball was kicked off a Jamaican never again touched the ball until Dujon threw himself flat on the ground to save a scorcher from Galt; but they pressed for sometime. However, finally a fine movement by Allen who was inside-right in the first half but exchanged places with Alcock in the second, sent away McMorris, who tipped the ball over to Alcock, but again this tricky player proved he was no shot from easy range, and eventually after dribbling around he passed back to McMorris, who under pressure just shot outside the right upright.

Hereafter, but for spasmodic raids, it was all Trinidad as the distribution of the Jamaica halves and inside-forwards proved very ineffective. Trinidad's fifth goal came when from a centre form Leo Lynch, who was playing in his ninth successive match, on the left, Galt missed, but the ball rolling unmolested to an empty spot on the right. Winn ran into score with a pile-driver kick. Sometime after Lynch broke through when both sides seemed to have hesitated as expecting the whistle following a clash between Walters and Ganteaume and scored with a crashing left-foot shot.

Just before the end, when the ball went out of touch a section of the ground spectators confiscated the ball for an impromptu game among themselves and it took the Police to rescue it.

Despite the handicap Keith McKen contrived to maintain his consistency as Jamaica's best player. Himself, at the presentation. Dopson and the winners on a whole were given a big hand by the crowd, who at times were really laughing at the effort of the local team.


JAMAICA—A.S. Dujon, A.U. Dujon, H. Shakespeare, H. Walters, K. McKen, W. Ricketts, D. Smith, G. Allen (Capt.), C. McMorris, L. Alcock, V. Coy.

TRINIDAD—J. Gonsalves, C. Dopson, J. Huggins, M. McLean, P. Jones (Capt.), N. Winn, C. Lewis, G. Gomez, A. Ganteaume, L. Lynch.

Referee: F.O. Romney, linesmen, F.S. Barber, G.S.M. Lovell.

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SECTION OF THE SABINA PARK PAVILION showing a part of the huge crowd, estimated at 12,000, that flocked to see the last 'test' match yesterday. At lower left may be seen some prominent football personalities—extreme left Mr. T. Newton Willoughby, a member of the J.F.A. Council; Mr. E.D. Matthews (with his hand to mouth) a member of the Selection Committee of the J.F.A. and Mr. H.B. Brown who has been closely associated with the committee arranging the tour. Inset are Galt, left and Lewis, right, who each shot two goals for Trinidad in yesterday's historic match. Below is a shot of one of the six goals scored. Dujon, Jamaica's custodian, is shown racing to get back into position, but Lewis kick, just before the whistle went for the first half, has already found the net.

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TRINIDAD's TEAM PRESENTED to the Colonial Secretary:—Above, the Hon. H. M. Foot C.M.G., O.B.E. meets members of the Trinidadian team before the match began. Below, the Hon. W. A. Bustamante, Leader of the Majority Party, shakes hands with Maj. George Allen, captain of the All Jamaica side, as the latter went up after the match to receive his souvenir.

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FAREWELL DINNER FOR Trinidad footballers— Ministers of State, members of the Legislative Council, His Grace the Archbishop of the West Indies, His Worship the Mayor and many prominent personalities in the sporting community of Jamaica turned out in full force at the Myrtle Bank Hotel last night on the occasion of the Farewell dinner to the Trinidad Football Team who leave the island today.
The fine sporting spirit and the high standard of play of the visiting team came in for their just need of praise and the hope was repeatedly expressed that there should be more competitions of that nature in the future.
Mr. G. M. DaCosta President of the Jamaica Football Association ably presided and speakers were Mr. A. D. Soutar who proposed the toast to the Trinidad Amateur Football Association, Mr. Prior Jones, Captain of the Trinidad team who replied, the Hon. Douglas Judah who proposed the toast to the Jamaica Football Association to which Mr. G. M. DaCosta replied, and the Hon. W. A. Bustamante, Minister for Communications.


February 12 - Trinidad 0 - Jamaica 0
February 15 - Trinidad 1 - Jamaica 2
February 19 - Trinidad 0 - Jamaica 1
February 22 - Trinidad 2 - Jamaica 1
February 26 - Trinidad 6 - Jamaica 0

GOAL SCORERS:—For Trinidad: Lewis scored 3, Galt 2, Lynch 2, Gomez 1, Ganteaume 1, For Jamaica: McMorris scored 3, Smith 1.
Trinidad scored 9 goals in the series and Jamaica 4.

Trinidad vs Jamaica