Trinidad Beaten By Club Side

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Jamaica Gleaner


MELBOURNE, Senior League champions of the last two seasons, became the first club to defeat the touring Trinidad footballers in their second to last match of the programme when they won by the odd goal in three, at Sabina -Park, yesterday afternoon, in the presence of a fair-sized crowd.

It was a game of fluctuating fortunes with the local side making the best of their opportunities; a game in which the pace was of varying tempo and in which play swung from one end to the other with equal frequency.

Constructive football came only in flashes, and what there was was introduced by Trinidad; but this was unfortunately confined mostly to midfield or spoiled by over-passing in front of goal.

Before the match, the Hayward Shield, the fate of which will be decided to-morrow, was put on display and naturally created much interest; as was the introduction of the teams to the Hon. W. A. Bustamante, Minister of Communications and Jamaica's Labour Leader. The Alpha Band was in attendance.


At the kick-off Trinidad going down the hill made the first essay but after some protracted play things started to happen at the other end. Wing-half McLean got his forwards moving and from a pass to Beek, Dudley Smith backing up, shot only to see the ball rebound off defender to Alexander about 30 yards out, but the latter's subsequent shot was met halfway by Goalkeeper Merritt for a really fine save. However, he could not hold the ball and back it went to Smith, whose cross-shot was turned around the upright for a corner.

But Trinidad got down quicker to their game and their snappy short-passing at times had the uncertain kicking Melbourne defence in trouble. Thus it was not surprising on Gomez sending through the ball, Lewis nipped Robinson to the start to get away to score as he liked.

The "Kangaroos" moved up LaBeach was sent through by Coy, but the speedy centre-forward allowed the ball to over-run him with only Merritt to beat.

However, he made amends when following some play on the left and moving out to that side of the field he got the ball, body-shifted a couple of time with his back towards the goal, and then swinging suddenly let drive with a right-foot cross that had Merritt beaten all the way.

Just before the end of the first half Burnett missed a fine opportunity to put Trinidad into the lead by kicking high over the bar when well-placed and unmarked.


With Brown initiating the moves, Melbourne were first off the mark on the resumption. After play had swung about a bit, Alexander winged the ball from above half-line to the right. Smith passed immediately to Beek, who passed back likewise but both forward and Huggins, (The latter last) missed the ball, and Smith recovering gave Merritt no chance to save.

It was now Trinidad's turn to rally and for a good time they pressed, yet but for Lewis hitting the right upright from close in, neither side seemed as if they would score again, and so it proved.

Until he developed leg-trouble Smith was Melbourne's best player. LaBeach's speed was naturally a worry to the opposing defence and Coy, who kicked some good corners, also played well. Bayliss was probably Melbourne's best defender playing out, if A. U. Dujon improved later in the game.

The teams were:

MELBOURNE:—A. U. Dujon; A. S. Dujon, W. Robinson; S. Bayliss, L. K. Brown, C. McLean, D. Beek, D. Smith, S. LaBeach, C. Alexander, V. Coy.

TRINIDAD:—R. Merritt, J. Huggins, J. Simmonds; A. Ganteaume, P. Jones, N. Winn; W. Baird, G. Gomez, Lewis, R. Burnett, L. Lynch.

Referee: J. M. Groves.

[photo caption]

(Below) Victorious Melbourne, Senior Cup champions who humbled Trinidad yesterday afternoon by two goal to one at Sabine Park. Standing, left to right: S. Bayliss, L. K. Brown, A. S. Dujon, W. Robinson, C. McLean, A. U. Dujon. Kneeling: D. Beek, D. Smith, S. Labeach, C. Alexander and V. Coy. Top picture shows Arthur Dujon, Melbourne's goalkeeper, saving from Lewis, Trinidad's centre-forward who is standing almost over him, whilst C. McLean, W. Baird of Trinidad and W. Robinson look on.