Trinidad vs Jamaica

Date Published: 
Jamaica Gleaner

(The "Gleaner's" satirical versifier was asked to write some lines on the effect of Inter-colonial sport on the West Indian Federation).

In Whitehall's gloom the noble scheme is hatched
On Sabina's sward the gallant game is matched:
Two islands foes, in friendly football fight,
Dispute the field and test each other's might:
To meet in sport, what better way to bind
West Indian ties and foster feeling kind?
What better way? The imps of Sport connive
And straightway to the football ground arrive
The Foul, the Offside, haunt the smiling green;
The ref. blows breaches no one yet has seen
And, crowning all!—with full-time still unspent,
The whistle goes to end the tournament.
Poor Federation sees the sorry sight
Of Island Friendship poised for hasty flight;
She looks, she sight and muses in dismay:
"Ah, me! Barbados comes her next to play."