Darts Fined

Date Published: 
Baltimore Afro-American

The coach and goalie of the Washington Darts Lincoln Phillips, has fined some of his players, including himself. The fines were levied at Vic Gamaldo, Ray Crispin, Willie Evans, and Gerry Browne, in addition to Phillips, for arriving at the stadium less than one hour before the game against Syracuse, July 27th.

Club rules state that all players must be in the dressing room, at home gomes, at least one hour prior to kickoff. The amount of the fines was not disclosed.

It is very unusual for a coach to fine himself, and when Phillips was questioned concerning the reason behind it, he said "a professional club must be run with rules and regulations, and when these are broken, disciplinary measures must be taken.

"It doesn't do any good for the coach to fine other players for infractions and not himself, especially if he is also guilty of the same infraction."