Federating B.W.I. Football Discussed At J.F.A. Annual Meet

Date Published: 
Jamaica Gleaner

Federating British West Indies football with the view of playing countries outside of the Caribbean as is being done in the case of cricket, was probably the most important and interesting task delegates set the new Council (new in term but not in personnel) at the thirty fifth annual general meeting of the Jamaica Football Association held at Issa park on Thursday night, and which meeting in the words of the record-breaking President was the "most orderly meeting of his eight years" as head.



The idea of federating British West Indies football as referred to in the opening paragraph was well accepted by the meeting. The suggestion of Mr. E. C. Innerarity, of the Jamaica Civil Service Football Board, the incoming Council was requested not only to endeavour to make possible the competition between Jamaica, Haiti, etc, but to negotiate interchange of visits between Trinidad, Barbados, British Guiana towards the possibility of promulgating a federation as in the case of cricket. It was also expressed that if this be attempted a visit first from any of these colonies would be preferable because due to the war Jamaica was at the moment sport starved for such attractions.