Six Nil

Louise Bennett
Date Published: 
Jamaica Gleaner

Six-three noh good, six-two is bad
Six-one wussara still!
Six-four hooda console me heart
But lawd missis, six nil!

Cho Jamaica too determin.
Tell yuh how dem get strong will!
Trinidad kip awn a change score,
But we heng awn to de nil!

Lawd ha massi, po Jamaica,
As dem fe kick dem drop,
As dem se a ball dem fall dung.
Biff, Buff, biddin, buddun, bap!

Wile Trinidad dah play foot ball,
Dah-kick an pass an gole,
Jamaica dah play ripe-breadfruit
Dah-drop, an split, an roll.

Ef it only was a circus match
Jamaica hooda win,
For dem bwoys can really slip an slide
An teck headers an spin.

But wen it come to football, careful
How yuh tumble dung!
For is hard fe run an dribble, wid
Yuh belly pon de grung!

Me feel it to me soul-case, for
Me know wa meck dem fall,
Dem bwoy naw pay attention to
Dem Duckoonoo an Saal.

All dem good banana pot soup,
All dem tings fe meck dem strong,
Dem cow-foot an flour dumplin,
Dem Bulla an serve-me-long.

As yuh look pon Trinidadian
Yuh can se dem don't allow
Not a ting fe come between dem
An Dem souce an dem Pellow.

So Jamaica feed up, for yuh know
Omuch man yuh wi' kill
Ef anada lickle islan
Ever gi unoo "Six Nil?"