Darts First Team To Win At Home

Don Dunn
Date Published: 
Cumberland Evening Times

WASHINGTON—North American Soccer League newcomer, the Washington Darts, remained undefeated yesterday, pinning 4-2 defeat on the Atlanta Chiefs. The Darts became the first NASL team this year to win a home match and kept their own home uneaten streak going.

Not having been topped since 1967 in Washington, the team picked up nine points in the standings with the action yesterday at Catholic University, six for the victory and three bonus points for scoring after the first three goals.

Two minutes after the action began, Atlanta halfback John Cocking misplayed the ball and pushed it past goalkeeper Manfred Kammerer for an own goal to give the home team the 1-0 lead. That was held until there were slightly more than 17 minutes left in the first half, when Warren Archibald smacked one in from about ten yards to the left of the goal.

The first stanza closed with Leroy DeLeon pushing in a score from the front of the target with but five seconds left, making the halftime count 3-0, Darts.

Atlanta returned to the field somewhat under shock from the offensive display of the home team which had built a reputable defense to get the first NASL goal ever past coach Lincoln Phillips with three and a half minutes gone.

Five minutes later, DeLeon retaliated with his second score of the afternoon, and the count was 4-1. The goal-gathering for the contest ended with Chief Art Welch zipping away from the Darts' defenders to hit the nets from 20 yards out, nine minutes to go in the match.

Following that, the Darts put a lid on the target and gained the 4-2 final. The defensive team put on a show of offensive hard work to take care of the 1969 league runnerup band, and the hustle had paid off in the nine-point maximum gain in the standings.

Friday at Robert F. Kennedy Stadium is the next match for Washington, meeting Hertha of Berlin. The Germans will be the first overseas team the Darts have ever faced. Next on the NASL schedule for them is Sunday against last season's champions, the Kansas City Spurs, at Catholic University again.

[photo caption]

WHOA, FELLA! — Atlanta Chiefs halfback John Cocking gets halted by Washington defenders Willie Evans (13, left) and Vic Gamaldo (6) in first-half action yesterday at Catholic University. The Darts won 4-2 to become the first NASL team to win at home this season. (Don Dunn Photo)