BCFA Plan Change Of Name

Alva Ramsay
Date Published: 
Jamaica Gleaner

PORT OF SPAIN, April 28:

AN IMPORTANT matter to be discussed at the next meeting of the British Caribbean Football Association is the change of name to the "West Indies Football Association," since the component territories, members of the BCFA, are now politically federated as the West Indies.

A prominent Trinidad official of the BCFA seemed to feel that the change is inevitable and logical.

Meanwhile, Trinidad is gearing for a straight fight with Jamaica for the "Federal Football
Cup", which has been donated for competition between Trinidad and Jamaica by San Fernando jeweller George N. Mahon.

This must not be confused with the Standard Life Trophy, donated several years ago by The Standard Life Assurance Company for play among West Indian territories and which was last contested for between Trinidad and Jamaica in Jamaica, and won by Jamaica.

The Standard Trophy series will be played off in three zones beginning around July this year and will be used along with the coming Jamaica-Trinidad series for securing pointers to select a West Indian team to tour Britain next year.