All-Stars beat Royal Welch in classic game

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Jamaica Gleaner


(Mynals, Kruin, Kamperveen)
ROYAL WELCH .......... 0

THE GREATEST exhibition of soccer craftsmanship ever seen in Jamaica. This was the verdict of four veteran representative footballers and three thousand fans who left Sabina Park yesterday afternoon with their mouths full of acclaim for the wizardry of the Surinam inside forwards, Rudie Kamperveen and Michel Kruin.

But theirs was an exhibition, brilliant though it might have been, not far above the smart defence work of the visitors and the courageous and at time skilfully conceived movements of the Royal Welch.

Before the game members of both teams were introduced to Brigadier Cosby Jackson, Commander Caribbean Area.

When referee Victor Beck signalled start, fans could hardly have expected the soccer feast which was in store for them.

Early attack

Right from the start a triangular movement, in which centre forward Kamperveen side-passed to inside right Kruin, who passed back to centre half Mynals, initiated a quick offensive but when well in the area Kamperveen lofted a sitter from Jacques Banguillot.

The Royal Welch got into the fast moving game and seemed dangerous at times utilising ling, thrustful passes as against the ornate and delicately woven approach work of the All-Star team.

In the seventh minute of play the first goal was scored. Welch pivot Gabriel collared a midfield clearance and swung upfield. Opposing right half Delbert Charleau intercepted the pass and dribbled down, swinging across to Kamperveen just outside the penalty area.

Kamperveen disposed of three defenders and slipped a pass to inside right Kruin. Kruin was beaten to the ball whilst the Welch defender cleared weakly.

Stationed behind his frontline in attack Mynals gathered the ball, dribbled neatly right into the goal area and, when expected to pass, drove home a left footer to the far corner.

The soldiers fought back and with long wing passes entered their opponents' danger zone in quick time but the effective tackling and covering of Gerry Parsons and Manny Desouza frustrated nearly all their plans.

From one of these Royal Welch attacks a corner was conceded and Coakley at outside left took a grand curving kick which was tipped an inch above the cross bar. From the corner kick at the other end, there was a melee in which Dorceans got a gash in his head and had to retire for the rest of the game.

Great save

Soon after Coakley on a pass from inside left Jones, closed in and from point-blank range took a corker going away, Lacossade brought off a great save and was roundly applauded by the crowd.

From the kick-out Banguillot, who gave a scheming and fruitful display throughout the game, hooked the ball, carried it fifteen yards downfield and swung cross-field to Kruin.

Kruin in an opening created by this maneouvre, dribbled in and just inside the area took a direct jet-propelled shot which scored.

With their lines clicking the All-Stars indulged in an exhibition of magnificient ball-play. Ground passing, back flips, catch-trapping and many more tricks were fluently used. Then in the twenty second minute of play the tally rose to three.

Gerry Parsons, after an effective tackle on the backline, pushed the ball to centre half Mynals. Mynals stabbed to Kamperveen and the Kamperveen-Kruin combination baffled the opposing defence with the touch system; Kamperveen scored whilst the defenders stood tied in knots. It was 3-0 at half-time.

The second half did not produce a wealth of shooting. The soldiers tried hard whilst the Caribbean All-Stars paraded their vast knowledge of the finer points of the game.

The teams

ALL-STARS: Ronald Lacossade (Haiti) goal; Gerry Parsons (Trinidad) right back; Manny Desouza (B.G.) left back; Delbert Charleau (Trinidad); Humphrey Mynals (Surinam) centre half; Yvon Dorceans (Haiti) left half; Paul Desrogiers (Haiti) outside right; Michel Kruin (Surinam) inside right; Rudie Kamperveen (Surinam) centre forward; Jacques Banguillot (Guadeloupe) inside left; Maurics Moore (B.G.) outside left.

ROYAL WELCH:Hughes, goal; Morgan, right back; Baker, left back; Morris, right half; Gabriel, centre half; Callan, left half; Coakley, outside right; Jones, inside right; Faulkes, centre forward; Agirio, inside left and Sweeney, outside left.

CFA official and family leave

MR. FRANCISCO BUESO, vice-president of the Caribbean Football Association, accompanied by his wife and their son Carlos, left the island on Tuesday afternoon by Pan American Clipper for Camaguey, Cuba, en route to Havana after a short visit.

[photo caption]

ROLAND LACOSSADE, custodian for the Caribbean All-Stars, brings off one of his many brilliant saves in the Stars 3-0 victory over the Royal Welch at Sabina Park yesterday afternoon. Whilst Lacossade saves, full back Manny Desouza covers the goal. Referee Victor Beck is caught in dramatic action.