Sports Editor's Diary

L. D. Roberts
Date Published: 
Jamaica Gleaner

T.A.F.A. secretary Eric James who recently returned from England after a programme of discussion with the British Council announced the news that he has secured an insurance scheme for footballers in Trinidad—the first of its kind for any form of amateur sport in the British West Indies and British Guiana. Circulars have been sent to all affiliated associations to the T.A.F.A. and in due course all organised football in Trinidad will operate the Glanvill, Enthoven and Company (Overseas Ltd.) Insurance Scheme for the benefit of players.

Following are the benefits to be derived as contained in the conditions submitted by Glanvill, Enthoven and Company (Overseas) Ltd., Insurance, and accepted by the T.A.F.A.

Benefits per person.
(1) Death by accident — $300.
(2) Permanent total disablement — $500.
(3) Loss of one eye or one limb by accident — $250.
(4) Temporary total disablement by accident (excess first ten days; i.e. only operative after ten days incapacity) — $5 per week for a period of four weeks, then $2½ per week for the following 14 weeks.
(5) Medical expenses, specialists' fees, massage, electrical and other treatment necessitated by injury — up to $50 (Trinidad) per insured person, per accident.