Warner To Latapy & Yorke: "I Want An Explanation!"

Marc Purcell
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TTFF president... sorry Fifa vice president Jack Warner wants an explanation on why T&T star players Dwight Yorke and Russell Latapy failed to show up for T&T's game with Colombia last week. T&T won the game 4-3 on the strength of three goals by Stern John.

Warner sent a letter to the two players asking them to give the reason why they were absent for the kick off to Project 2002 a program designed to get T&T to the World Cup. Warner stated that if the players did not give a adequate reason they could face the possibility of sanctions. Warner did not state the sanctions but it would most likely be in the form of a ban from international football for a period of time.

Earlier this week Latapy's agent gave a reason why he did not play in the Colombia match. He stated that he was only released for the Costa Rica game originally scheduled for September 5th. That game was canceled and the the Colombian game was rescheduled for September 8th. The rescheduling made it difficult for Latapy's manager to release him. Manager Alex McLeish was concerned that Latapy would not be able to recuperate in time for last weekend's game with Dundee United.

Dwight Yorke's explanation for missing the game still remains a groin strain. Last weekend Latapy scored the only goal in a 3-1 lost to Dundee United. It was Hibernian's second lost in a row. Dwight Yorke played in Man U's game versus Liverpool. They won the game 3-2 without Yorke finding the back of the net.

New schedule for T&T.

Trinidad and Tobago will get a serious dose of international football in the next three months. T&T will head to San Jose to play Costa Rica on the 28th of this month. Following that T&T will meet Caribbean rivals Jamaica, return home to play Costa Rica and then travel to Paraguay and Bolivia to finish the year.

The Trinidad and Tobago under 23 team will face Barbados in Olympic qualifiers later this month.

FIFA Rankings

Trinidad and Tobago has climbed further up the Fifa world rankings. For the first time in over a year the Calypso boyz have over taken the Reggae boyz in the rankings. T&T moved up seven places to 42nd in the world compared to Jamaica's 43rd. Jamaica slipped one place since last month.

T&T's rise is due to it's win over Colombia last week. They are now ranked third in Concacaf behind Mexico(10th) and the USA (20th). T&T along with Cuba are among the fastest rising countries in the world rankings this year. They have moved up 35 places since December.

The rankings should be taken with a grain of salt. The teams at the top of the ranking are all there via Euro 2000 qualifying. If you want to see how the rankings are so biased towards tournaments, look at Canada's ranking after they play in the Gold Cup qualifying tournament next month. This month they are ranked 94th, next month they should be in the high 70' to low 80's.

In the shooting range...

For those of you who like to gamble and watch football you will have a treat on September 28th. Local PFL team Joe Public will face the Chicago Fire in the Concacaf Champion's Cup tournament in Las Vegas.

The game will kick off the tournament that will run until the 3rd of October. You can purchase the tickets online at: www.tickets.com. While you are in Vegas say hello to Elvis. Apparently he is working at a gas station just outside the main strip.