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mls_stern_john: My name is Stern John, I play with the Columbus Crew, and I'm happy to be online!

Mirts44 asks: What are you feelings about facing DC in their stadium Saturday? Is it the hardest match to face?
mls_stern_john: I think DC is always going to be hard, because they're a championship team. They have the edge over us. But we have a great team, and we can match the skill.
mls_stern_john: We just have to concentrate for the 90 minutes.
mls_stern_john: They are a great team and they try to move the ball around. As long as we continue playing the way we are, we'll recon with them.

soccernut_20 asks: Are you going to be able to play on Saturday?
mls_stern_john: It's like 50/50 right now. I don't want to risk it.
mls_stern_john: As much as I want to play, I want to play out the rest of the season.
mls_stern_john: I've been doing therapy twice a day for the last 5 days.
mls_stern_john: It's tough -- the injury is a bruise to the bone. The kick was directly to my calf. After the goal, when I scored the 3 goals, I had to use crutches to walk.
mls_stern_john: My style of play is with my back to the goalie.

stern_turn_jr asks: did you make up the stern turn or is it a rumor?
mls_stern_john: I kind of made it up -- I guess the commentators, they pushed it along.
mls_stern_john: It's pretty effective.

head420_98 asks: WHAT IS THE STERN TURN??????
mls_stern_john: There are several different ways of dealing with the ball -- especially with your back to the goal.
mls_stern_john: You have to know whether to make an outside turn or an inside turn. Hard to explain.
mls_stern_john: I play the moment when the ball comes. I don't plan it before hand.

Arsenal_fan1 asks: How do you like your new stadium?
mls_stern_john: The stadium is beautiful. The facilities are great. The atmosphere is pretty good. You can really get into the game, the fans aren't so far away.
mls_stern_john: It's a great stadium for soccer in the US -- I think we're going to see many stadiums similarly built.
mls_stern_john: The fans are close. Sometimes you can't even hear yourself on the field.

beevis_ca asks: Is the goal-scoring title a goal you'd really like to achieve?
mls_stern_john: No, I mean... everyone wants to achieve some goals. I'm a team player and I'm here with the Crew. I want us to win the championship.
mls_stern_john: If I get the scoring championship, it's nice -- but I really want to win with the team.

beckham00 asks: What is Dwight Yorke like as a person and a strike partner??
mls_stern_john: He's pretty friendly, not cocky like a big superstar. He's one of the guys. He's a great player also; I love to play beside him.
mls_stern_john: We hang out off the field when he's in Trinidad, even though he's really busy. Once in a while we talk about stuff.

oldnavybim asks: I have heard that some English Premier League teams are interested in you playing for them. If that is so, which teams would you be interested in playing for?
mls_stern_john: For me, I just want to play at the highest level.

uk_willy asks: do you think the mls is as good as any of the european leagues yet?
mls_stern_john: Yeah, I think they're pretty good. They're a young league; it's going to take us a couple more years before we're on top, but I think it'll be pretty big.
mls_stern_john: We just need to keep some of the young players.
mls_stern_john: The younger players are the future.

v_max_dude asks: I have a hard time convincing fans of football that soccer is just as physical if not more than football in a different sort of way .How do you answer these people?
mls_stern_john: I think -- they just have to give themselves a chance and be open. They have to see one game. They'll love it.
mls_stern_john: i've heard that before -- soccer is a game for chickens -- but they see one game, and they love it.
mls_stern_john: It's kind of different from football... football, the object of the game is to hurt someone!
mls_stern_john: We play hard, too, but both sports are very physical.
mls_stern_john: They have all the protective gear -- we have shinguards.

Thu Aug 12 19:09:36 1999

dc2699sly asks: what will it take to fill the stands at mls games?
mls_stern_john: The good marketing. The clubs have been doing great marketing.
mls_stern_john: I think they should give away tickets, for people to come see what it's really like. Those people will keep coming and coming.
mls_stern_john: The players need to be marketed more.
mls_stern_john: I don't think the US respects soccer that much yet, but it's getting there. Soccer is the number one sport in the world.

stern_turn_jr asks: when did you start playing soccer?
mls_stern_john: I started at age 5, with my uncles. I was always playing with older guys.
mls_stern_john: It made me better, I got a lot physically -- they never used to hold back on me.
mls_stern_john: When you play with your peers, you're way above them.

beevis_ca asks: One of the recent Project 40 players is 17. Should players that young be able to play in MLS?
mls_stern_john: Yeah! Like I said, the young players are the future.
mls_stern_john: When the older guys leave, they will carry the team.
mls_stern_john: There's no such thing as "you're too young" as long as you understand the game.
mls_stern_john: Put them on the field.
mls_stern_john: Just give them a chance to show what they can do.

beth10owen asks: Stern,I'm a big fan of the Crew fan and I was wondering what you think about Jeff Cunningham?
mls_stern_john: Jeff's a great guy, a good player. He's a professional player now. He's got to pass the ball around some more, but he has unbelievable skills.
mls_stern_john: He just got back from Africa, so that's pretty exciting for him -- to play for his country, also.

speed329 asks: who do you think is the best forward combo in mls
mls_stern_john: I can't really say... one day, myself and Brian might be good. On another day, myself and Jeff might be good.
mls_stern_john: That's a tricky questions.

paul_in_ny_1999 asks: do you think the mls game will change any, now that there's a new commissioner?
mls_stern_john: From what I heard, he's pretty respectable.
mls_stern_john: We need to be out there and be known, and someone to call the shots and take care of the players and the marketing.
mls_stern_john: I think he'll be successful.

beth10owen asks: How does it feel to be on the same team as your cousin?
mls_stern_john: He's great, but sometimes he takes it over the limit -- actually, last year I used to live with him, but I'm now living on my own.
mls_stern_john: I think I can turn my own key now.
mls_stern_john: He's a nice guy, too. He's just looking out for my best interests.
mls_stern_john: When I came to Columbus, he showed me the ropes.
mls_stern_john: Some of the other new players, they took a longer time to get around.

yopyop16 asks: Who is the hardest defender to get past???
mls_stern_john: Maybe the same guy who injured me -- he was pretty aggressive! Palacios.
mls_stern_john: The coaches used to get on me because I was supposed to get more physical with him last year. This year -- he injured me, but I was able to score 3 goals.

bigair1913 asks: I am originally from Switzerland, and most towns there are soccer crazy. do you think towns and cities in the U.S. are getting more intrested in soccer?
mls_stern_john: Yeah, no doubt. It's a growing sport, especially for kids.
mls_stern_john: As long as the people continue playing, the interest isn't going to stop.
mls_stern_john: Columbus is really big.

soccer_star2003 asks: WHAT DO YOU THINK OF THE US WOMENS TEAM?
mls_stern_john: For me, I know the women's team was going to win from the start. They were together, and organized.
mls_stern_john: The other teams had individual skills, but no teamwork.
mls_stern_john: I wasn't worried about them.
mls_stern_john: It's really good for women's soccer in the US, and on the whole. They had more support than the world cup in '94.

BigBadCat_98 asks: After the World Cup, do you see women soccer leagues forming? If so how soon do you think they will be playing professionally?
mls_stern_john: I would hope so, after that great showing. They really want a professional league here.
mls_stern_john: I think it's going to take a couple of year.
mls_stern_john: Hopefully, they'll keep most of the American players here, to build the league.

bigtalljoe asks: do you think further expansion will help or hurt MLS?
mls_stern_john: I think it should help. There are so many guys playing in the A-leagues. They're waiting for a chance

bry_guy17 asks: Can you do a bicycle kick?
mls_stern_john: I think -- yeah. but during the game, it depends on where the ball comes from.

livrpool06 asks: Stern, How do you feel about your home land team...Trinidad? Do you like the direction the team is going in?
mls_stern_john: Actually, the coach is really rebuilding the team -- Bert Hill Sinclair.
mls_stern_john: He's really working hard, he has a lot of players working beside him to build a great team.
mls_stern_john: I think as long as the professionals come back and carry their wait, it should help.

bigair1913 asks: Do you think the MLS is getting enogh publicity?
mls_stern_john: I think we need a little more publicity. We compete with football, basketball, baseball.... you look at the sports section sometimes, you see a tiny article about soccer.
mls_stern_john: We need to be in the news a little more.
mls_stern_john: Eventually, you're going to get people interested in the games. TV stations, too.
mls_stern_john: Sports Section - -they cover the games at 1 int he morning, when eveyrone's sleeping!

bactly asks: Do you think that blacking out games is a bad idea for a sport trying to gain public support
mls_stern_john: Sometimes it's pretty good, but sometimes it's bad. When the Crew plays in Columbus, and it's sold out, they shouldn't black it out.
mls_stern_john: But if they really want to get people to the game... it's kind of good.
mls_stern_john: I think the fans should come in person; they'll like it better, and get more excited.
mls_stern_john: On TV, you can't get into the game as much.

A_TAN_SUPERMAN asks: Hey Stern, what does the majority of your training schedule involve?
mls_stern_john: Pre-season, we do a lot of running. During the season, we do more tactical work, technical work. Working as a unit, doing plays, scrimmaging a lot.
mls_stern_john: The more we play, the better we get.
mls_stern_john: Sometimes, we run during the season, but the schedule is so tough -- you shouldn't run too much.

livrpool06 asks: Stern, Were you at all disappointed with the 1999 MLS All-Star game? I attended the game and was very disappointed to see how big of a reaction the event got!
mls_stern_john: I think it was disappointing for me. I was late coming there. When I went to the stadium -- I thought people were going to come eventually.
mls_stern_john: From what I heard, they had Mexico playing Brazil on TV at the same time.
mls_stern_john: Marketing of the game wasn't too good.
mls_stern_john: There would have been a lot better showing otherwise.

daygo100 asks: Do you plan to coach or teach soccer when your done playing
mls_stern_john: I like to do a bit of both. I would really like to give back to the kids what I learned.
mls_stern_john: I'd like to go around and help, but after playing for so long, you want a rest.

sams1990 asks: How would you characterize the MLS/American style of play compared to other leagues and around the world?
mls_stern_john: It's totally different. Every league have their own style. Mexican teams play short-pass all day. American teams, we play short and long both.
mls_stern_john: All the countries, the styles are pretty different.
mls_stern_john: If I go to Europe, I have to change my style a lot.

ginogm asks: you have any other interests other than soccer?
mls_stern_john: I play other sports for fun. I'm getting into golf these days.
mls_stern_john: I'm struggling, but I'll get there!
mls_stern_john: I used to play cricket, basketball... but I'm so busy with soccer. I think nothing is better than soccer.

beth10owen asks: How do you like living in Columbus? Be nice I live there!!
mls_stern_john: Columbus is pretty nice. it's kind of quiet and laid-back, but it keeps me focused. Living in the other big cities, it's harder to keep focused.
mls_stern_john: Sometimes it can be very boring... but I didn't come here to go out and party, I came here to play soccer.

Titus691 asks: What is the major difference you find between Columbus and where you are from?
mls_stern_john: It's a big difference. The weather!
mls_stern_john: I don' t think anyone could get accustomed to winter.
mls_stern_john: The foodstuffs are different.
mls_stern_john: But if your mind is open, you can try other stuff.

daygo100 asks: Are you becoming a Buckeye fan??
mls_stern_john: Yeah, I'm starting to. I just met Gary Berry, who plays for the Buckeyes. I got him some tickets to come to the game -- he played soccer when he was younger.
mls_stern_john: He's a football player now. We exchanged tickets, so I'm going to see some Buckeye games this year.
mls_stern_john: He loved the Miami game.
mls_stern_john: Everyone is a Buckeye fan in Columbus.

livrpool06 asks: Stern, What do you recommend to young players and teens wanting to become professional soccer players?
mls_stern_john: For me, when you're young, you have to practice and practice. You have to make your mind up -- you can't play all sports at the same time.
mls_stern_john: You have to put in the time when you play. When your coach teaches you stuff, go home and practice it.
mls_stern_john: Practice makes permanent. Practice doesn't make perfect, nobody's perfect.
mls_stern_john: Listen when your coach teaches.
mls_stern_john: You've got to pay attention.

sarha77 asks: stern, i think you are the most awesome forward in the league. keep up the great work!!
mls_stern_john: Thank you... I'm just average, I think. I keep working hard.

dcutd1 asks: In your opinion, which stadium is the hardest to play in as a visiting player?
mls_stern_john: I think DC is.
mls_stern_john: DC and Chicago.
mls_stern_john: The fans are so much into the game, they're all over you. They'll be saying all sorts of stuff.
mls_stern_john: The fans of those two teams are really die-hard.
mls_stern_john: They're not going to go down without a fight.

RC_Soccer3 asks: what do you think of the rivallry between DC and Columbus?
mls_stern_john: I don' t know how it came about, but... we can beat everyone else, but we can't beat DC. But -- I think Saturday is going to change that.
mls_stern_john: I think DC is going to be surprised this weekend -- and the rivalry is going to be over!

A_TAN_SUPERMAN asks: Do you think soccer needs to get more exposure amongst the African American community?
mls_stern_john: Most definitely.
mls_stern_john: The African-American community doesn't have a lot of money, but they're athletic.
mls_stern_john: Some people have natural skills they don't even know about, but they should really go to the games and get interested.
mls_stern_john: More exposure.

Titus691 asks: Do you think soccer as an international sport can help bring all races and religions together?
mls_stern_john: Yes -- all over the world, it's doing that. Once you step on the field, there's no black or white.
mls_stern_john: It's a team, like a family.
mls_stern_john: Sports, no matter what type, brings countries together, different ethnic groups together.
mls_stern_john: It's good for sports, and for life.
mls_stern_john: Soccer is a team sport -- without a goal keeper you can't play. You need everyone; it's not a one-man game.
mls_stern_john: You have some players who get more focus, but at the end of the day, they all work as a team.
mls_stern_john: Soccer is the biggest team sport in the world.

FLiRT_009 asks: I just recently broke my ankle in soccer! I swear it's the best way to break a bone! Don't ya think?
mls_stern_john: I don't know -- I hope I don' t break anything!
mls_stern_john: I would like to meet you and shake your hand!
mls_stern_john: Hats off to you -- no one likes to get hurt.

bactly asks: Do you have any rituals or good luck charms
mls_stern_john: I'm kind of superstitious. I try to do the same thing I did at the last game.
mls_stern_john: Some guys, they get psyched up, but I'll be laughing in the dressing room. But when the game starts, it's a different person.
mls_stern_john: Everyone's different, some listen to music, get psyched up differently.

Mirts44 asks: Do you like how the shootout is played in the MLS? Would you rather take penelty kicks?

Thu Aug 12 19:39:39 1999
mls_stern_john: for me, I'd rather take penalty kicks.
mls_stern_john: It's injury-free.
mls_stern_john: In the shootouts, you're liable to get hurt.
mls_stern_john: People are coming at you, if you overpush, you'll get it.
mls_stern_john: That's like Eric Wynalda. He doesn't want to hurt you, but he's coming after the ball.

poppapump46 asks: What is the hardest part about soccer
mls_stern_john: Getting in shape!
mls_stern_john: For me, everything else comes easy.

JuveFan99 asks: What did you do to win the Miami game? You killed us?
mls_stern_john: It was a revenge game for me. They killed us in the last game, but for me, I wanted to come out and really show Miami what we can do.

daygo100 asks: Do alot of players trash talk
mls_stern_john: Yeah, that's part of the game.
mls_stern_john: Even in basketball, football, they do it. Once you can get into someone's head, the game is over.
mls_stern_john: Some players are much more resistant than the others. I just smile when they talk trash to me.
mls_stern_john: I don't want to get anyone pissed, or they'll come after me. It can work against you.

deej_95032 asks: Can you shoot equally as hard with either foot
mls_stern_john: Yeah, I can shoot with both legs. Some people think I'm left-footed, but I'm really right-footed.
mls_stern_john: Sometimes, I just use my left foot during a practice.

ginogm asks: who is the Crew's MVP this season?
mls_stern_john: I can't really say... Mike Clarck.
mls_stern_john: He's improved a hundred percent.
mls_stern_john: He's been running that line, no one can pass him.
mls_stern_john: Mark Dougherty is doing pretty well, too.

daygo100 asks: What do you think about indoor soccer?
mls_stern_john: I think it's not that good... the pounding on the body is hard, on the astro-turf, and you get beat up on the boards.

JGovonlu asks: Whats the meaning behind your name? (if anything)
mls_stern_john: The stern of a ship.
mls_stern_john: At the bank, at the airport, they think it's John Stern.
mls_stern_john: They apologize... they think I've got two first names.

Titus691 asks: Do you think the level of competition in MLS has helped you to be a better soccer player for your national squad?
mls_stern_john: I think so. Some people might now look at soccer as at a good level here, but I think it is.
mls_stern_john: I think MLS has been a stepping stone for me, in my career.

redsun111 asks: hey john are you a role model for african american youngsters who want to play soccer?
mls_stern_john: I would like to be a role model. What I can do to help the sport and help people as a whole
mls_stern_john: I know there are kids who are looking at me; I think about what I do while I'm on the field.

stern_turn_jr asks: are you looking forward to be in the fifa 2000 mls game?
mls_stern_john: Yeah, I'm looking forward to just playing -- if I make it to the fifa, I'll be thankful.
mls_stern_john: I just want to play and do my best for myself, my family, the Crew, and my country.

FLiRT_009 asks: What is the thing that's get you the most motivated to play??
mls_stern_john: The competition.
mls_stern_john: The tougher the competition is, the more I feel like playing.

JGovonlu asks: From TV and the stands, it seems the quality of play has improved drastically this season. Do you notice any change?
mls_stern_john: I think so. Every year, the level is getting better and better.
mls_stern_john: People don't want to come to the game if the level of play isn't good. When they spend their money, they want their money's worth.
mls_stern_john: Of course, all teams are going to have bad games.

Hard_Soft_Style asks: who's the best MLS coach in your opinion?
mls_stern_john: The Crew coach -- I think he's a great coach. He knows how to get the team pumped up.
mls_stern_john: I was happy with the game a couple of months ago, in Colorado, and he pepped us up for it.
mls_stern_john: This year, we're breaking all the records. Except DC.
mls_stern_john: I don't think DC's going to get mad at me for talking like this, of course...

JuveFan99 asks: Christian Vieri might be suspended for six months for shoving a ref. Do you think that would be right?
mls_stern_john: Yeah... I think that's uncalled for, shoving a ref. No matter what, you've got to keep your cool.
mls_stern_john: The ref is human too, they're going to make bad calls -- but he's out for six months now, the outcome is pretty bad.
mls_stern_john: I didn't see it, so I can't say without having been there.

poppapump46 asks: What was the most stressful point in your career?
mls_stern_john: On the National team, as a young player, and I never got a chance... they kept me ont he bench. I sat on the bench for most of the team.
mls_stern_john: The team is as strong as the bench.
mls_stern_john: They used to call me "super-sub" because I'd come off the bench and score goals.

squirel18 asks: do you model your game after anyone
mls_stern_john: I think my style is similar to some of the guys, but my style is mine -- there can be no other Stern John, no other Brian McBride...
mls_stern_john: For the kids, they look at some players and want to be like them. You can learn from them, but you've got to be like yourself.
mls_stern_john: If you try to be like someone else, it's all over.

ginogm asks: you ever receive harsh treatment from the fans, say in jamaica?
mls_stern_john: They say I've got something over Jamaica -- even Jeff's brother,he doesn't want me playing for Trinidad when they play Jamaica, because I always score.
mls_stern_john: It's like the Columbus-DC rivalry.
mls_stern_john: We're the 2 most recognized countries int he Carribean.
mls_stern_john: They made it to the World Cup, but the next time, we'll be there too.

deej_95032 asks: Have you ever retaliated on the field from one of those tackles from behind. ??
mls_stern_john: I never did.
mls_stern_john: I wanted to! But, if I retaliated, it's not good for people watching -- the kids watching.
mls_stern_john: My retaliation is to put the ball in the net.
mls_stern_john: How I got hurt -- I got hurt and there was no call.

daygo100 asks: Do you get recognized alot off the field
mls_stern_john: A little bit. People, sometimes the die-hard ones recognize you.
mls_stern_john: I don't really worry about it.
mls_stern_john: I get recognized at home a lot more than in Columbus.

bry_guy17 asks: Are there any Stern John lunchboxes or action figures out there?
mls_stern_john: Not that I know of. If they want to make one of me -- that's cool.
mls_stern_john: Thank everyone for looking at me and at the Columbus Crew. Keep supporting the MLS, I think the sport is going to be really big in the US.
mls_stern_john: Say hi to all the Trinidadians!
Yahoomc: Thanks for joining us Stern -- and thanks to all the fans for the great questions!
Yahoomc: Good night, everyone!