Trinidad Bow 1-0 In Third Footer 'Test'

Date Published: 
Jamaica Gleaner


JAMAICA ..... 1 - TRINIDAD ..... 0

Trinidad bowed for the second time to Jamaica yesterday afternoon at Sabina Park, when in the third of the five Intercolonial matches, Jamaica came through the winners by a single goal to nil.

The score by which Jamaica won this encounter is the true index of the run of play, but certainly by no means an indication of the opportunities for scoring Jamaica received, and especially so in the first half in which Jamaica dominated play but just failed to score.

On the other hand, Trinidad too might have scored. In fact, they actually scored an equalizer not so long after Jamaica had registered; but this the referee disallowed on the score of an off-side decision. They kept fighting in the last—never allowing an opportunity to go unaccepted, insofar as taking a shot at goal was concerned.

Despite the fact that Jamaica got the upgrade up the field in the first half, it was in this period that they, playing more as a team, had the defence of Trinidad continually on the run; but a distinct disadvantage to the side's scoring in this half was the considerable weakness and indiscretion of the outside leftwinger Hollingshead who frequently when in possession allowed himself to be dispossessed.

Be that as it may, the defence stood like a Trojan as the newcomer to the side, Shakespeare and Delgado at the back, played determinedly and confidently, with little McKen at centre-half third back, never missing his mark.

Trinidad's front line were, as usual, bustling, but strangely they did not appear so dangerous in this half whenever they were in the territory of Jamaica, For they either would attempt some banging drives at goal which went wide o the mark or would hold the ball sufficiently long to give the Jamaica defenders time to recover, tackle and then clear. Under the circumstances, the play throughout this half was lively and bustling, with Jamaica more on the ball than their opponents.


After an early offensive play by Jamaica during which they forced a corner, Trinidad gradually relieved themselves of the pressure, then they in turn, went on the offensive and for a brief spell they seemed to have things a bit to themselves. During this period the playing of the three inside forwards of Trinidad—Gomez, Galt and Burnett—gave much concern to Jamaica's defence.

For a few minutes after the exchanges became somewhat even. At this minute Jamaica played in Trinidad's side of the field—in another Trinidad would be seen in Jamaica's territory—but the defence of both sides stood up well in these attacks and the result was that no damage was done from these raids.


Then Jamaica got possession. It was splendid manoeuvring from Ricketts over to Smith and then to the waiting McMorris in the centre, who gathered, dashed forward to score with a low, well placed shot, which gave Jamaica the lead and ultimate victory.

Undaunted by this goal, Trinidad, right after pressed up as a result of a series of effective passing from the centre to the right-wing and then back. This gradually took them right in Jamaica's goal area, but a clearance was effected. Within a short space Trinidad moved up again and before the ball could be cleared this time, Galt, who was way up, scooped it in the net. The referee's decision, however, disallowed this goal as an off-side.

Both sides snapped into it for the few remaining minutes of play, but in spite of the efforts of both, the score remained unchanged.

Staff Sergeant Major Lovell was the referee supported by Johnny Groves and Paul Chevannes official referees, as linesmen.