Lucas Hold Visitors In Spiritless Draw

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Jamaica Gleaner


Intercolonial Football ResultsIntercolonial Football Results

Lucas, Senior League runners-up, held the visiting Trinidad team to a one-all draw in the fifth match and the second involving a club of the current Intercolonial Tournament at Sabina Park yesterday afternoon.

The game was probably the most spiritless of the tour to date and only after Lucas had equalized in the last ten minutes or so of play was any life injected into it.

Truly, Lucas, particularly their forwards together with McKen at centre-half and Kenneth Weekes at left-half, contrived to play the more constructive football: the understanding among them giving the club the edge on the run of play in both halves and particularly so in the first half when kicking down the hill.


Lucas took the field without their captain-goalkeeper, Arthur McLean, who was still suffering from the injury he received to his leg in the second Colony Match on Saturday, but his subsitute, Joe Prescod, gave a good account of himself between the posts.

A representative crowd saw the two teams presented to Mr. N. W. Manley, K.C., before the kick-off and after which Trinidad made the first sally, resulting in Ganteaume kicking over the bar. Both teams were, however, slow in settling down but Lucas showing the better understanding among themselves gradually transferred play to the Trinidad area and Holt at one time tried a weak low shot, and soon after Lucas forced a corner.


Play was even more spiritless on the resumption and it really took Trinidad's goal, coming in the first ten minutes or so, to enliven the exchanges. The goal was almost unexpected. It seemed that neither defenders or attackers were keen on kicking the ball but more so the defenders, who virtually stood up and watched the ball move almost from the touch line on the left right across the area for Galt who as usual was waiting in front of goal to scoop it into the back of the net.

Once Galt again hit the cross bar with Prescod beaten all the way. But the real excitement started when the local side in turn gradually transferred play to the other end and Mason let through Holt with a nice through pass only to see the latter's shot rebound off Simmonds back to Holt, who immediately let drive to hit the cross bar. The rebound this time fell at the feet of Alvin McLean, who in trying to place the ball to the far corner just kicked outside the upright with Merritt beaten all the way with each succeeding shot.

The ball was hardly cleared when Lucas were back on the attack and this time Holt made no mistake, taking a first-timer from a high pass, the resultant left-foot shot scorching the grass just within the right upright he was facing.

Hereafter both sides strove to get the deciding goal but failed to do so.

The form of the players during the match was rather spasmodic, for instance McKen, who played the roving centre-half instead of the third-back game on the Jamaica side. Seale was probably the most consistent player on the field; whilst Winn and Simmonds put in some sterling work.

The teams lined-up as follows:

LUCAS—Joe Prescod, A. Henny, G. Prescod, G. Hay, K. McKen, K. H. Weekes, A. McLean, J. K. Holt Jnr., O. Mason, P. Williams, C. McLean.

TRINIDAD—R. Merritt; J. Huggins, J. Simmonds, I. Seale, P. Jones, N. Winn; P. Lewis, W. Baird, K. Galt, A. Ganteaume, L. Lynch.

Referee: P. Chevannes; Linesmen: A. E. Powell, J. Fullerton.