Sports journalists for TTFF awards

Walter Alibey
Date Published: 
Trinidad Newsday

TTFF Marks 100 Years Tonight

SEVERAL sports journalists will be among those taking centre stage at tonight’s Trinidad and Tobago Football Federation’s (TTFF) Centennial Dinner at the Sepp Blatter Hall of Centre of Excellence, Macoya from 7.30pm.

The journalists are being honoured for their contribution to the game over the past century. Numerous past footballers, administrators and referees who have had a significant input, will also be honoured.

Among the journalists listed to receive awards is Newsday’s George Baptiste who retired from the Trinidad Express after 28 and a half years.

He has been with the country’s leading daily for the past 11 years.

Baptiste, popularly know as “The Tiger” leads a long high-profile list of honourees that also includes Dave Lamy (radio), Rudy Ragbir (newspaper) and former sports editors Horace Gordon and John De Gouviea.

Also to be recognised posthumously are Brunnel Jones, Albert “Bootins” Alkins, John Alleyne and Ralph “Raffie” Knowles.

The gala celebratory dinner tonight will also be graced with the presence of a number of world football dignitaries such as FIFA president Joseph Sepp Blatter and Michel Platini who is now president of UEFA.

On Wednesday former FIFA president, Joao Havelange of Brazil arrived for the Centennial Dinner and was greeted by the TT Football Federation’s Special Advisor Jack Warner, who is also a vice president of FIFA.

Among the footballers who will be honoured are Russell Latapy and Leroy Deleon, who are both considered as the best footballers ever to have played for Trinidad and Tobago.

Others in the line-up are Tobagonian Bertille St Clair who is the first local coach to have carried a TT team to a World Cup (U-19 World Cup in Portugal), Leroy Spann, Alvin Corneal, Edgar Vidale, Everald “Gally” Cummings, Sedley Joseph, Warren ‘Archibald, Steve David and Shay Seymour, reportedly among the first set of footballers to have played professionally in England for the twin-island republic.


Prominent Footballers (1908-2008).

Ellis ‘Puss’ Achong (Deceased), Harold Achong (Deceased), Angel Acosta, Sedley Agostini, Edward Aleong, John Alkins, Warren Archibald, John Atwell, Cyril Austin, Aldrick Baptiste, Rawlins Baptiste (Deceased), Kelvin Berassa, Conrad Braithwaite (Deceased), Gerry Brown, Ivan Carter (Deceased).

Goffre Chambers, Delbert Charleau (Deceased), Ahamad Charles (Deceased), Alred Charles (Deceased), Alvin Corneal, Harold Cox (Deceased), Jar Daniel (Deceased), Noel Daniel, Steve David, Sydney De Coteau, Tyrone De Labastide, Leroy Deleon, Watty Douglas (Deceased), Anthony Douglas, Keith ‘Saleem’ Douglas, Philip Douglin (Deceased).

Harold Dupres, George Edwards (Deceased), Hugo Emmanuel, Neville Evans (Deceased), Freddie Farrell, Harry Farrell, Carlton Franco, D’Arcy Galt (Deceased), Ken Galt (Deceased), Frank Gamaldo, Andrew Ganteaume, Gerald Gomez (Deceased), Patrick Gomez, Paul Regis, Joseph Gonzales, Ivan de Gourville (Deceased), Rolf Grant (Deceased), FAK Green, Bertram Grell, Doyle Griffith, Robert Hamelsmith (Deceased), Jim Harding.

Ivor Hart (Deceased), Reg Hill, Carlton Hinds, Erniss Hinds (Deceased), Eric James (Deceased), Prior ‘Big Sam’ Jones, Allan Joseph, Sedley Joseph, Russell Latapy, Ben Laughlin, Ronald Lillycrap, Fido Lloyd (Deceased), Jim Lowe (Deceased).

Claude Maurice, Vicar Thomas (Deceased), Randolph’ Merit, Jack Merry, Edwin Monteil, Jean Mouttet, Leon Monroe, Selwyn Murren, Ronald O’Brien (Deceased), Mathew Phillip Nunes, Lincoln Phillips, Jean Rignault (Deceased), Clifford Roach (Deceased), William Rodriguez, John Sampson, Thor Schjolseth (Deceased).

Ian Seales (Deceased), Hugh Sealy, Natty Sealy, Shay Seymour, Popo Simmonds, Leopold Sookram, Andre Stollmeyer (Deceased), Jeffrey Stollmeyer, John Sutherland (Deceased), Botha Tench (Deceased), Russell Tesheira (Deceased), Denis Turton, Edmund Turton, Edgar Vidale, Wilfred Vincent Brown (Deceased), Noel Winn (Deceased).

Dwight Yorke, Stern John, Lystra Lewis, Trevor Leacock, David Nakhid, Ulric Haynes, Donna Mae Mc Intosh, Oliver Camps, Brian Williams, Anthony Williams, Shirley Mae Willis, Desiree Ann Sarjeant, Sharon O’Brien, Lorna O’ Brien, Chipsy Mahon, Jeff Gellineau, Felix Gay, Sharon Lee Garcia, Dr Philmore Critchlow, Cynthia Craigwell-Lawrence, Richard Braithwaite, Peter O’Connor, Clive Pantin, Lennox Pilgrim, Dwight Pitt, Patrick Prescott, Desmond Pitt, Reginald Wooding, Maurice Murray.

Dr Iva Gloudon, Douglas Barzey, Izler Brown, Brigadier Ralph Brown, Dr Philmore Critchlow, Erica Downes, Major Courtnay Rooks, Carl Saldinha, Joseph Joey’ Scheult, John Scheult, Horace Lovelace, Leon Khoury, Len Jardine, William Tobias James, Dudley Husbands, Lt Commander Charles Hayward, Joseph Bodkin, Major ET Carr, Captain John Cuthridge, Arthur John, Leroy Spann, Dom Basil Matthews, Everald “Gally” Cummings, Michael Maurice, Lance Moore, Will Payne, Henry Quanvie, Augustus Ribero, Raymond Ribero, Pope Remero, Pat Small, Fred Thompson, Albert Goddard, Rudolph Roberts.

Additional Nominees (East): Vernon Bain, Arthur “Jap” Brown, Bissoon Birsingh, Edward Hart, Ken Hodge; (Central) Hugo Francis, Anthony Jobes; (Tobago) Noel Bynoe, Rhodil Clarke, Harry Donaldson, John Dove, Alfred Geyette, Richard Groden, James Millington, Harold Nelson, Ralph Nelson, Bertille St Clair.

Eastern Counties Football Union Nathaniel Headley. (SFA); John Alleyne, Carlyle Andrews, Leo Brewster, Fitz Brown, Wilfred Cave, Clayton Morris, Monty Douglas, Alwin Ferguson, Dexter Francis, Dick Furlonge, Maurice Hudson, John Huggins, Muhammad Isa.

Referees Douglas James, George Cumberbatch, Lloyd de Gourville, Osmond Downer, Ken Laighlin, Richard Ramcharan, Ramesh Ramdhan, Lennox Sirjusingh.

(Journalists) Albert ‘Bootins’ Alkins (Deceased), John Alleyne (Deceased), George Baptiste, George De Gouviea, Horace Gordon, Ralph “Raffie” Knowles (Deceased), Dave Lamy, Rudy Ragbir.

(Sunday League) Mervyn “Mervina” Allen, Arthur “Pin” Smith.