Trinidad and Tobago Suffer At Pan Am Games

Marc Purcell
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Trinidad and Tobago walked into the Pan Am games with there heads held high but two weeks later they are shaking there heads looking for answers.

This year's games is a report card on the progress of young teams in T&T. While at the senior level there seems to be a settling into fine form, the younger teams seem to be struggling to keep heads above water.

The T&T men's under 22 squad gave good accounts of themselves but still failed to win any games. While they remained competitive in all there games, the lack of any preparation before the tournament acted as a serious hindrance to the team.

The women's program still has a long way to go. Despite the promises of football executives to start a women's program after the good run of form by the women's senior team last year, a truly competitive women's team seems very far off in the distance. They like the men lost all there games but to much larger scores.

Here is a little fact to ponder. Below the Olympic level, Trinidad and Tobago has not won a game all year. That is a 0-11 record with a 7 goals for 49 goals against average. This trend cannot continue.

More games on the way.

While football at the lower level seems to struggle on the senior team seems to have there acts together.

Trinidad and Tobago have scheduled games versus Uruguay, Chile and Paraguay in November as part of a ten day South American tour. This is in addition to playing Colombia in Miami on September 4th and El Salvador in San Salvador four days later.

However, what is expected to fill the discussion boards for sometime, Trinidad and Tobago will play Jamaica in the Caribbean derby. This time it will be at the National Stadium in Kingston where Jamaica has not lost in two years. Well there is always a first time :-)

Stern Rising

Look out MLS Stern John is on his way up the table. On Sunday John scored a hat trick to push Columbus to a 4-0 win over Miami.

The hat trick was John's fourth in his two year career in the MLS. More impressively is that John has scored ten goals in his last seven games. That has catapulted him into third in scoring with 28 points and tied him for second in goal scoring with thirteen two behind the current leader .

The win by Columbus puts them firmly in second in the MLS east just four points away from first.

Latapy impressive in season opener.

Russell Latapy made his return to the big time on Sunday. Last year when Russell signed with Hibernian in the Scottish first division there was a slight collective let down for many fans. A first division player of the year honor and a few months later Russell is back in the spotlight.

Yesterday Russell made a good debut in the Scottish premiership. All reports coming out of Scotland had nothing short of glowing reviews for the former national captain. His control in the midfield area keep most of the Motherwell defenders on their toes. Despite his impressive play, Hibernian tied Motherwell 2-2 in the season opener.