Jamaica, Trinidad Clash Today In Second Test

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Jamaica Gleaner

Holt, Hall Dropped! Smith, McMorris Come In

WITH THE first Colony Match of the current Intercolonial Football Tournament played on Wednesday, ending in a draw, interest has been heightened in the second match to be played this afternoon at Sabina Park, weather permitting.

Jamaica will make two changes in the side which played in the first match. C. S. McMorris, the St. George's centre-forward, coming in for T. K. Holt Jnr.; and Dudley Smith, the Melbourne skipper and inside-right, taking the place of Noel Hall at outside-right. The selectors decided on their final side following the usual medical examination.

It seems ironical that Holt and Hall should be dropped considering that all during the war years, when it was not possible to bring out an overseas team these two players were always first-pick for their respective positions—without any rivalry. Holt's cleverness, for instance, was the hallmark of competitive football in those years. Yet after the first occasion he is called upon to represent his country he has been dropped! Is it that their big moment came just a little too late?

Jamaica's Half Line

Bayliss keeps his position at left-half in the place of the still unfit Waldy Ricketts, but we hope that he will not wander from his inside-man so much as he did on Wednesday.

Truly the half-line played well, but there were occasions when McKen left Galt to himself, and as good as Walters played, towards the end of the match, he allowed Rex Burnett to command his position of the field by straying. Probably the only defender who stuck to his post was Vernon Delgado, who blotted out little Andy Ganteaume. As a result the latter was hardly the player we saw in the St. George's Old Boys Match.

On the play on Wednesday, Jamaica should have won; it is to be seen whether we can achieve today what we failed to accomplish then. Trinidad will not select their side until this morning.


Spectators are especially requested to note that there will be three entries at the Emerald Road Gate. On the western side pedestrians with booked seats will be admitted and those paying directly at the gate will be admitted to the eastern side; motor cars will enter by the centre gate.

There was a regrettable incident of holiganism at the South Camp Road gate on Wednesday when it was rushed and smashed: besides, the walls were scaled by "gate-crashers." The J. F. A. asks for better co-operation in this respect today. They request also that encroaching on the playing field be avoided.

The Hon. Sir Hector Hearne, Chief Justice of Jamaica, will meet the teams at 4.15 p.m. before the kickoff.

The Alpha Military Band will play in the interval between the halves and before and after the


Goal: A. T. McLean.
Right-Back: A. U. Dujon.
Left-Back: V. Delgado.
Right-Half: H. Walters
Centre-Half: K. McKen.
Left-Half: S. Bayliss
Outside-Right: D. Smith.
Inside-Right: L. Alcock.
Centre-Forward: C. S. McMorriss.
Inside-Left: G. Allen (Capt.)
Outside-Left: S. Hollingshead.
Reserves: H. Shakespeare and S. LaBeach.
Referee: J. M. Groves.
Linesmen: S/S/M Vance and F. O. Romney.

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VISITING SKIPPER: Prior Jones, who is paying his third visit to Jamaica, this time as captain of the Trinidad football team. His first was in 1935-36, when he played both at back and in goal; he is a pivot of the current side. Last year he was the leading fast bowler of the Trinidad cricket team. Certainly a fine all-rounder.

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'Brains Trust'

THESE ARE BEHIND the current Intercolonial Football Tournament. At right are the two who met at Myrtle Bank in June of last year, and arranged the tour. They are: Mr. G. M. daCosta, President of the Jamaica Football Association, at left, and Commander Chas. Hayward, M.B.E. President of the Trinidad Amateur Football Association, at the end. The latter also presented the J.F.A. with a Shield for Oversea competition. At extreme left is Mr. Eric James, Secretary of the T.A.F.A., and beside him. Mr. Douglas Fletcher, Member of the J.F.A. Council.