Jamaica Can Get Services Of Football Coach

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Jamaica Gleaner

One of the busiest men of the Trinidad Football Team at the Palisadoes Airport on Friday afternoon, when the Trinidadians arrived by BWI Airways at 4.30 p.m. was the team's manager, Mr. Victor A. Richardson.

Amidst introductions to the welcoming Jamaica Committee and attendant Customs details, Mr. Richardson told the "Gleaner", that he personally, and the team, were extremely happy to be in Jamaica, and looked forward to their three-weeks' stay here with keen anticipation.

"We have brought the best team possible", said Mr. Richardson, "and while we do want to win, I would rather say that our attitude is not that we have come to win, but that we would like to win.

"After all", Mr. Richardson went on, "to offer good football, good entertainment, and to further cement Trinidad's friendship with Jamaica, is of greater importance, I feel, than simply winning the majority of our games.

"Of all the members of the team", said Mr. Richardson, "only one, Prior Jones, the team's captain, has visited Jamaica as a footballer, which was in 1935, or 1936".


This is Mr. Richardson's first visit to Jamaica. He has played first class football in Trinidad for 14 years, as right half back, representing the island on four occasions in Trinidad, and once in British Guiana. He is chairman of the Trinidad Referee Committee, and the representative of the Maple Club on the Council of the Trinidad Amateur Football Association.

Following Mr. Richardson's talk, the "Gleaner" reporter spoke with the team's secretary, Mr. Eric Roy Robert James. Mr. James, has been Secretary of the Trinidad Amateur Football Association for the past five years.

"I would like to say", said Mr. James, "that I Intend to have informal talks with the Jamaica
Football Association, concerning the question of its co-operating with Trinidad in utilising the services of Mr. Bulger, an English Football Coach of considerable experience, who is expected to arrive shortly in Trinidad to coach there on a two year contract.

"Trinidad will use Mr. Bulger from July until December. British Guiana have already agreed to use him from March 15 to May. The J.F.A. have already been circularised about this matter, but they replied that they would discuss the matter in detail when I came here.

"I feel sure that Jamaica, too, will take the opportunity of Mr. Bulger's two years in these parts, and we shall discuss, and if possible settle this tentatively during my stay here."